Introduction:  Section 107 of the building code establishes construction control requirements for registered design professionals, contractors and the project representative to the building official. These requirements apply to the construction of buildings and structures greater than or equal to 35,000 cubic feet in volume and specialized structures such as telecommunication towers, wind turbine towers and similar structures.  Registered design professional services are typically required for these types of structures per MA general laws.  See MGL c 112.

The follow structures are exempt from the requirements of this section:

  1. Any building containing less than 35,000 cubic feet of enclosed space, measured to the exterior surfaces of walls and roofs and to the top of a ground supported floor, or in the case of a crawl space, to the bottom surface of the crawl space. In the case of basement floors or levels, the calculation of enclosed space shall include such spaces. For additions to existing buildings, the volume of enclosed space shall include the entire existing building and all proposed additions.
  2. Any one- or two-family dwelling or any accessory building thereto.
  3. Any building used exclusively for agricultural purposes. See Appendix C for occupancy and other limitations.
  4. Retaining walls less than ten feet in height at all points along the wall as measured from the base of the footing to the top of the wall.


Construction Control - Documents

To encourage uniform state wide enforcement of the construction control requirements the BBRS has approved four documents below for use by all building officials. These documents can be completed and submitted electronically (with MS Word 2007) or can be printed and completed manually. 

It is left to the building official's discretion to determine if one or more of these forms are needed for a project depending on the project size and complexity.


Electronic set:

 Print set:


Construction Control - Formal Code Interpretations by BBRS