Disability Emergency Preparedness

Make sure that people with disabilities in your community have the help they need in an emergency.

Let us help you prepare your community with emergency response resources. The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD) hosts meetings for communities to prepare persons with disabilities for an emergency. We bring together people with disabilities, local emergency planners, and first responders.

Please note: We are not currently scheduling new emergency preparedness trainings. Please contact Lilia Melikechi, Communications and Training Manager, at lilia.melikechi@mass.gov or 617-851-2366 to be added to our waitlist.

Members of the disability community learn about the personal steps they can take to prepare for different emergency situations. We give you planning guides to help in this process.

First responders and emergency planners learn about making more accessible community preparedness plans. We will also hand out guides for first responders on how to interact with people with disabilities in an emergency.

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