Renewing an Occupational School License

The Division of Occupational Licensure (DOL) is pleased to provide licensees with the ability to renew professional license(s) online through ePLACE. To renew your license online, please refer to the instructions detailed below.

Please review and complete the steps noted below prior to starting and submitting your renewal application.

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Renewal Instructions

If you have your license renewal, you may complete the following steps to renew online:

  1. Visit the ePLACE Portal and log into the school's account.
  2. Go to “Manage my Licenses and Permits” page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the last page of the table and locate the school's license in the Identifying Number column (do not click on it).  Scroll to the far right of the row where you will find "Renew."   Be advised the option to renew will only be present if your license is currently eligible for renewal.
  4. Submission of Supporting Documentation and Required Forms. The following documents may be uploaded during the online application process:
  • Ownership Documentation:
    • Please attach the applicable ownership documentation:
      • Corporations must submit a copy of their Articles of Incorporation; and documentation of EIN or FEIN number. (Note: Corporations that are operating (not as schools) and now want to offer courses must amend their articles of organization with the Secretary of State’s Office. Please enclose a copy of the certified amendment.)
      • LLCs must submit a copy of their Articles of Organization; and documentation of EIN or FEIN number.
      • Partnerships must submit a notarized copy of their partnership agreement and Articles of Organization; and documentation of EIN or FEIN number.
      • Individual owners must submit consent to do business from the city/town clerk.
      • Franchises must submit an executed copy of their franchise agreement.
  • Business Certificate
    • A Business Certificate, or D/B/A Certificate, from the cities or towns in which the school intends to operate.
  • Facility Inspection Reports:
    • The applicant must provide current building and fire inspection reports for each facility in which students enter.  A current Certificate of Occupancy report that has been signed by both the local building and fire inspectors may be submitted in lieu of separate inspection reports.
  • Building Inspection Report:
    • For each location, please upload a copy of the school’s current Certificate of Inspection, or use the Building Inspection Report Form available on DOL’s website. The report must include the Building Use Group in accordance with 780 CMR 304 or 305, the regulations for building codes. If the Use Group is not present on your inspection report, contact your local building inspector’s office for a determination of the Use Group. The Use Group code determines how often your facility must be inspected and will therefore inform DOL how often to require building inspections (e.g., annual, biennial) from you.
  • Fire Inspection Report:
    • For each location, please upload a copy of the school’s current Certificate of Inspection, or use the Fire Inspection Report Form available on the DOL website.
  • Enrollment Agreement:
    • Please create an Enrollment Agreement (also known as an Enrollment Contract) on school letterhead that complies with G.L. c. 255, §13K.  Please refer to the Sample Enrollment Agreement on DOL’s website to ensure you include all required information and are using the most up to date language.  A copy of the Sample Agreement is available on DOL’s Office of Private Occupational School Education: Technical Assistance Handouts website
  • School Closure Plan:
    • Please complete and upload the School Closure Plan form found on DOL’s website.
  • Property Lease or Deed:
    • If property is owned by the applicant, please upload a copy of the deed.  If the property is being leased by the applicant, please upload a copy of the school's lease, signed by both the lessee(s) and the lessor(s), which also includes the lessor’s name, address, and telephone number.
  • Floor Plan:
    • A copy of the proposed school’s floor plan indicating the approximate size and purpose for each room.
  • Board of Health Approval:
    • If the applicant will be providing instruction in an allied health program that requires approval by the local board of health, the applicant must provide a copy of the approval to DOL.  Oversight of programs such as phlebotomy and other allied health programs is at the discretion of the local board of health.
  • Proof of Adequate Liability Insurance.
  • Policy Statements:
    • On school letterhead, or marked within the school catalogue or student handbook, policies for the following:
      • Entrance requirements pursuant to 230 CMR 15.05(1)(b);
      • Attendance policies, including the consequences of not adhering to these policies;
      • Grading policies, including the consequences of not maintaining the school’s minimum grade requirements;
      • Satisfactory progress pursuant to 230 CMR 15.01(10);
      • School rules and regulations, including the consequences of not adhering to these rules and regulations;
      • Guidance and counseling policies;
      • Job placement;
      • School calendar (showing dates of courses, days off, days the school is not open, or any other breaks); and
      • Student complaint resolution process pursuant to 230 CMR 15.07, including that the school must respond to students’ written complaints in writing within 10 days; and, students may contact the Office of Private Occupational School Education at any time.
  • Program or Course Catalogue:
    • A copy of the school’s catalogue.
  • Federal Student Aid Approval, if applicable:
    • A copy of approval letter.
  • Accreditations Approval(s), if applicable:
    • A copy of approval letter(s).
  • GI Bill Approval Letter, if applicable:
    • A copy of approval letter(s).
  • Surety:
    • Initial applicants must submit to DOL by first class mail the original surety document in the amount determined by the State Auditor. Initial applicants must also upload a copy of the surety and a copy of the State Auditor’s determination letter.
  • Instructors:
    • For each instructor, please upload under CORI Authorization:  An application packet that contains an Instructor Certification Form; notarized CORI form; SORI form, resume or Curriculum Vitae, and printout of professional license, if the latter is required.
  • Staff (non-instructional):
  • Electronic Records Waiver, if applicable:
    • A copy of the completed Electronic Records Waiver
  • CORI Notarized Form, if submitting instructors or staff.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae, if submitting instructors or staff.

Application Questions

Please direct any questions regarding the renewal process to

Begin Your Application Now

To start your online application, please go to the ePLACE Portal. You may “save without submitting” at any point.  Once you complete and submit your application, please email us at to notify us that your application has been submitted and providing the Identifying Number of your application.

Renewal Fees & Payment Information

As part of the online renewal process, licensees may also submit payment for the renewal fee electronically. Please note that there is a non-refundable convenience fee for all payments made online by credit card or check.

To determine the Renewal Fee for a private occupational school licensed by the Division of Occupational Licensure under G.L. c. 112, § 263, please use the formula below. The Renewal Fee is based on the school’s Annual Adjusted Gross Revenue (AAGR), which reflects revenue from tuition and fees and profits on the sale of books and supplies during the school’s prior fiscal year.

The Renewal Fee is due with the completed license renewal application at least 60 days prior to the expiration date of the school’s license. The School’s calculation is subject to review and audit. Records relating to the school calculation must be retained by the school for seven years.

Please use the following formula to calculate the School Renewal Fee:

  • AAGR Calculation: Add together total revenue from tuition, fees, and profit on books and supplies for the most recent school fiscal year.  Then, multiply that amount by .0049 to determine the total renewal fee.  Please do not round up or down when calculating the total fee.  Finally, the minimum renewal fee is $250.00
  • While schools will calculate their renewal fee within the online application, a worksheet is also available for planning purposes.



Contact for Renewing an Occupational School License


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