Testimony for the 2021 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing

Testimony related to the 2021 Health Care Cost Trends Hearing will be posted below. Submissions will be posted to this page as received.

Table of Contents

Written Testimony

Pre-Filed Testimony Overview

By statute, the HPC is required to identify a number of health care providers and payers as witnesses for the annual cost trends hearing. As such, along with the Attorney General’s Office and the Center for Health Information and Analysis, the HPC requests written pre-filed testimony from organizations and calls on individuals to testify at the hearing. The pre-filed and live testimony helps to inform various research and policy streams, including the HPC’s annual cost trends report.

Each year, a call for pre-filed testimony is sent to payers, providers, and hospitals. These questions cover a variety of relevant topics, which will be discussed in detail at the hearing.

This webpage will be updated periodically as pre-filed testimony submissions are received. If you have any questions regarding pre-filed or in-person testimony, please contact HPC-Testimony@mass.gov.

PFT - Payers

PFT - Providers

2021 Pre-Filed Testimony - Hospitals and Providers Questions

AGO Examination of Health Care Cost Drivers

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