2018 Reports, Appendices for 495/MetroWest Region

Read the 495/MetroWest SECC Report & Appendices

The report consists of two sections and extensive appendices. The first section is a narrative prepared by the staff to the Commission at the 495/MetroWest Partnership that provides a synopsis of the development challenges considered by the Commission, documents regional constraints to growth, and identifies key findings to address these issues. The second section is a detailed regional profile prepared by the Commission’s research partner, the UMass Dartmouth Public Policy Center (PPC), which systematically examines relevant conditions in the 495/MetroWest region. Members of the Commission voted to adopt the report during a meeting at the Warren Center on Friday, Jan. 26. Approval of the report was unanimous among Commissioners present.

The Appendices include SECC meeting agendas, minutes, and presentations, in addition to comment letters formally submitted to the Commission.

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