Advisory  Advisory Ruling: Reinstatement Policy

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Advisory Ruling: Reinstatement Policy

To ensure that the original qualifications for registration to practice engineering and land surveying in the Commonwealth have not diminished during a period of lapsed licensure and to ensure that the engineer and/or land surveyor still meets the current levels of minimum competence, the Board in administering the provisions in the MGL, C112, ss81N as well as implementing the applicable regulations given in the CMR250 3.06, Renewal of Registration, hereby adopts the following policy:

  1. Registration must be renewed every two years on, or before, June 30th of every even numbered year. Any registration or renewal of registration is in force only until June 30th of every even numbered year regardless of the actual date of original registration or prior renewals. The renewal form, accompanied by a certified check or money order for the required renewal fee, must be received in the office of the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors on, or before August 1st of the given even numbered year to avoid the late fee.
  2. If the renewal form and the required fees are not received in the Board office during the one month grace period, the license to practice engineering or land surveying in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is lapsed. The engineer or land surveyor is no longer permitted to practice engineering or land surveying in Massachusetts. The use of the seal is prohibited.
  3. A lapsed license can be renewed within one renewal cycle, provided the licensee submits a renewal application along with the required fees, including the late fee.
  4. A license can not be renewed if it has been lapsed for more than two years. An applicant must submit a reinstatement application, which will be considered in light of then current requirements for examination, education and experience. The applicant must include registration number of the old lapsed license along with the reasons for failure to renew earlier. Once the board has reviewed and approved the reinstatement application, applicants will be responsible for paying any back fees associated with their license (renewal fee X # cycles missed + late fee).

It is the responsibility of each licensee to notify the board of any changes in his/her address of record as well as to know the status of his/her license. The Board sends renewal notices to licensees at the address of record with the Board. Failure to received this notification from the Board does not excuse licensee from responsibility for timely renewal.

This Advisory Ruling is issued pursuant to a determination made by a majority of the members present at the duly called meeting of the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors on 06/30/2005.

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