Amend Your Alcoholic Beverages License (ABCC)

If you have a change to your alcoholic beverages license, here is how to notify us.

In Massachusetts there are retail level and state level alcoholic beverages licenses. Retail license applications as well as any license changes require the prior approval of both the local licensing authorities (the "LLA") and the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission ("ABCC"). All general on premises, restaurants, taverns, clubs, veterans clubs, hotels, package stores, conveniences stores, and supermarkets require a license that has been granted by the LLA and approved by the ABCC. The ABCC approves approximately 13,000 such transactions a year. However, the ABCC is the sole agency responsible for approving and issuing state licenses. All manufacturers, wholesalers and importers, out-of-state suppliers, brokers, salespeople, warehouses, planes, trains, ships, ship chandlers and every motor vehicle commercially transporting alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts require an ABCC issued license or permit. The ABCC issues approximately 10,000 such licenses and permits each year.