Decision Henry W. Perrin, Jr. v. Teachers' Retirement System, CR-07-531 (DALA 2009)

Date: 03/12/2009
Organization: Division of Administrative Law Appeals
Docket Number: CR-07-531
  • Petitioner: Henry W. Perrin, Jr.
  • Respondent: Teachers' Retirement System
  • Appearance for Petitioner: Henry J. Perrin, Jr.
  • Appearance for Respondent: Robert Fabino, Esq.
  • Administrative Magistrate: Francis X. Nee, Esq.

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Henry J. Perrin, Jr. applied for approval to purchase credit for his non-public school service. G. L., c. 32, sec. 4(1)p. The Teachers' Retirement System denied the request and Perrin appealed. G. L., c. 32, sec. 16(4). I conducted a hearing on November 20, 2008 at the Division of Administrative Law Appeals, 98 North Washington Street, Boston. During the hearing, which I recorded on one tape cassette, I took six exhibits into the record. Perrin was the sole witness.


1. In September 1977, Mr. Perrin became a member of the Teachers' Retirement System after he began teaching in the Weymouth Public Schools. (Exhibit 6.)

2. Mr. Perrin continued to work as a public school teacher in Massachusetts until June 1986 (Testimony.)

3. From August 1986 to October 1997, Mr. Perrin served as an administrator at Saint Coletta, a private school. (Exhibit 4.)

4. While at Saint Coletta, Mr. Perrin did not teach. He administered programs and supervised other managers, including the school's principal. (Testimony.)

5. From 1997 to the present, Mr. Perrin has worked as the administrator of special education for the Sandwich Public Schools. (Testimony.)

6. In March 2007, Mr. Perrin applied for approval to purchase credit for his non-public school service at Saint Coletta School. (Exhibit 3.)

7. In July 2007, the Teachers Retirement System denied Mr. Perrin's request. (Exhibit 1.)


The law governing state-operated retirement and pension systems allows a member of a contributory retirement system to obtain credible service for "time previously spent teaching pupils in any nonpublic school in the Commonwealth." G. L. c. 32, sec. 4(l)(p). While working at Saint Coletta School, Mr. Perrin was not engaged in teaching. (Finding 4.) Thus, he is not entitled to receive creditable service for his time working at that school.

Accordingly, I affirm the decision of the Teachers' Retirement System to deny Mr. Perrin's request for credible service for his years at Saint Coletta School.


Francis X. Nee
Administrative Magistrate

DATED: March 12, 2009




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