DHCD Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting

The Department of Housing and Community Development is offering the following form as a means of reporting suspected fraudulent activities. Other options are to email dhcdhotline@massmail.state.ma.us or to call DHCD directly at 617-573-1100.

You will need:

The Comptroller of the Commonwealth provides guidance and information on their official website - please visit there for additional information.

Hotline Telephone Numbers for reporting suspected fraud, waste, or abuse in the Commonwealth state government are:

  • US Housing and Urban Development, Office of the Inspector General (1-800-347-3735) to report Section 8 Fraud. You may also report Section 8 fraud to the local housing authority.
  • Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General (1-800-322-1323) to confidentially report corruption, fraud, waste or abuse related to government funds or property
  • Attorney General: Fair Labor Helpline (617) 727-3465 to report violations of minimum wage and overtime laws and requirement for timely payment of wages.
  • Division of Unemployment Assistance: (800) 354-9927 to report unreported wages or persons collecting benefits while working.
  • State Auditor: (617) 727-6200 for state agencies to report variances, losses, shortages, thefts of funds or property.
  • Inspector General Office, Social Security Administration: 1-800-269-0271
  • Social Security Office: 1-800-772-1213.