Adolescent Support Programs

The Department encourages youth to take an active role in all aspects of planning for services. Through many different opportunities and programs, adolescent services offers support and understanding, as well as information and opportunities for growth.

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Adolescent Support Programs Brochure

The Adolescent Services Programs Brochure is available to download and print.

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PAYA | Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood

Life skills curriculum designed to assist youth in building concrete skills and relationships to support health and well-being in adulthood. PAYA is based on the premise that all youth need at least one connection to a permanent, caring adult along with life skills to be successful. DCF staff, foster parents, and contract providers assist youth in locating, building, and maintaining relationships with caring adults and aid them in learning about money management, personal care, job seeking, parenting, healthy relationships, housing, and other essentials skills through community based, real-life experiences. PAYA certification training is available through the Department to address policy, strategies, and ways to incentivize youth.

Emerging Futures Program

Works with community partners to help youth gain employment experience through supported paid internships and volunteer opportunities. Staff assist youth in identifying career interests and internship placements that will provide career-building experiences.

Life Skills Support Program

Provides funds for youth ages 14- 22 in placement to support positive youth development, such as bus passes, SAT fees, athletic uniforms, sports fees, senior class expenses, etc.

The Wave

DCF youth newsletter written by and for agency youth. It includes articles, poems, artwork, and resource information. Youth share their experiences, observations, suggestions, challenges and achievements with others who may benefit. THE WAVE is also an effective means of informing youth of the many youth-sponsored activities in which they can participate, i.e. peer support groups, higher education fairs, employment and mentoring programs.

Joint Youth Advisory Committee

Provides a platform for DCF youth to voice their ideas/ recommendations to the administration on issues facing youth served by the agency. There are five Regional Advisory Boards; representatives from each region sit on the Central Office Advisory Board, representing their peers from across the state.

Discharge Support Program

Provides financial and outreach support to youth discharging from DCF placement at or after age 18, including funding toward first and last month's rent, security deposit, initial utilities charges, as well as support with budgeting, home management, and employment.

Adolescent Outreach Program

Provides intensive individualized life skills assessment, training, and transition support
to youth and young adults from foster care to prepare them to live healthy and connected lives while pursuing their goals in young adulthood.

Teen Living and Young Parent Support Programs

The Teen Parenting Program (TPP)

  • The TPP provides structured residential living to pregnant and parenting teens between the ages of 13-20 while allowing the teen parent families to remain intact. A collaboration between the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Transitional Assistance, the TPP provide young families a safe and caring environment in which to develop the skills necessary to make healthy choices for themselves and their children, and to lead independent and productive lives. For more information regarding the Teen Parenting Program, call Kellie Hurley at 508-929-2183 or Kelly Paquet at 617-748-2228.

The Young Parent Support Program (YPS)

  • The YPS is a community based service that meets the various needs of pregnant and parenting young adults and their children. The YPS Program is an open-referral program and serves young parent families up to age 23. It is the intent of the DCF that YPS Services assist young parents in obtaining the necessary skills and knowledge to be competent parents, live independently, lead productive lives, and ensure the healthy growth and development of their children.

Services are available to mothers and fathers and may include, but are not limited to outreach, case management, transportation, independent living skills training, parenting skills training, domestic violence education and counseling, substance abuse counseling, and child development education. For more information regarding the YPS Program call Kellie Hurley at 508-929-2183 or Paula Callahan at 617-748-2305.

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