Guide MassDEP's Wetlands Circuit Rider Program

Wetlands circuit riders help consultants and municipal officials meet the requirements of the Wetlands Protection Act.


Established by the Wetlands and Waterways Program, Circuit Riders promote fair, consistent and environmentally sound wetland permitting by the 351 local conservation commissions in the state. Circuit Riders accomplish these goals by offering technical, administrative, and regulatory assistance on numerous wetland topics to hundreds of commissions, municipal boards, and consultants each year. In 2011 the Program and its Circuit Riders were honored with the prestigious Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commission’s Environmental Service Award for the exemplary work that they do.

Commissions should look here for upcoming training opportunities. Any other questions should be directed to your regional Circuit Rider or Nancy Lin (see below). 

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Get to Know your Regional Circuit Rider

Nancy Lin is the Wetland Circuit Rider Coordinator and created the Circuit Rider Program in 1995. Since 1988 Nancy has overseen the outreach and training for MassDEP's Wetlands and Waterways Program, as well as writing and managing grants that forward wetlands/waterways programmatic goals. As a certified Professional Wetlands Scientist (PWS), Nancy has developed, produced and implemented many of the Program's technical, regulatory and general outreach/training efforts. Prior to MassDEP, Nancy was the Director of the City of Cambridge's Conservation Commission; managed natural history and staff training for the New York City Park Ranger program; and was a naturalist/teacher at a national Environmental Education Landmark, High Rock Park Conservation Center. Nancy responds to overall Circuit Rider inquiries and can answer technical and regulatory questions from commissions when the regional circuit rider cannot be reached. She can be reached at 617-556-1109 or

Northeast Regional Office wetlands technical questions can also be directed to the MassDEP NERO Help Line at 978-694-3405.

Kimberly Roth is the Circuit Rider for the Northeast and Southeast Regional Offices. Kim will divide her time serving as the Northeast and Southeast Regional Wetland Circuit Rider. Prior to joining MassDEP, Kim was the program manager for New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission’s (NEIWPCC) wetlands projects. This work included coordinating the Wetlands Workgroup and the New England Biological Assessment of Wetlands Workgroup (NEBAWWG), groups that bring together representatives from state and federal agencies and other individuals to address issues of shared concern. NEBAWWG is one of many regional groups across the country working toward improved approaches for wetlands monitoring and assessment. Before NEIWPCC, Kim began her wetlands career as an intern for MassDEP’s Wetlands Program, providing support related to wetlands compliance and enforcement, and in the Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup, where she researched information on site history and contamination. She also worked at the Mystic River Watershed Association on tasks related to watershed protection, brownfields, open space, water quality monitoring, and stormwater management. Kim currently serves as the vice-chair of her local conservation commission (which is not in the Northeast or Southeast regions). Kimberly can be reached at or at the Northeast Region at 978-694-3234 and at the Southeast Region at 508-946-2723.

Judith Schmitz is the Circuit Rider for the Central Regional Office. Prior to working at MassDEP, Judy was the Conservation Agent for the Town of Middleton for three years. She also served for 12 years as a conservation commissioner for the town of Barre, including four years as their chair. Judy holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering from Duke University. She has taken graduate courses in botany, environmental science, and wildlife habitat. Judy has had extensive experience consulting for municipalities and applicants, and is knowledgeable in numerous wetland related topics including: wetlands delineation, wetlands replication & restoration, wildlife habitat analysis, pollution impact assessment, stormwater management & hydrology, erosion control monitoring, river determination, and vernal pool studies. She is also a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) from the Society of Wetland Scientists. In addition to her duties as the wetland circuit rider, Judy also provides support to the Wetlands Program statewide as the Wetland Data Manager. Reach Judy at 508-767-2722 or

Mark Stinson is the Circuit Rider for the Western Regional Office. Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and has also taken Masters-level courses in Forestry Management at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He has over 13 years of experience at the conservation commission level as a commissioner, chair and agent for a Western Massachusetts community. Mark can be reached at 413-755-2257 or

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