Signage Specifications of the Waterways Regulation Program

MassDEP Waterways projects include signs for public access. This guide gives the requirements for these signs.

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Signage Specifications for Chapter 91 Waterways Projects

Last updated: September 25, 2009

Unless otherwise expressly provided in a license or other written authorization of the Department, all required signage shall conform to the following specifications, as applicable.

  1. All signs shall utilize durable materials and methods of construction and be a minimum of 18" by 18" in size. Letter height shall be a minimum of 1/2".
  2. Sign shall conform to all local laws and regulations.
  3. If the site is located on a formal waterfront public pathway, a minimum area of 5" diameter shall be reserved for any identifying state or municipal logo.
  4. The Licensee shall maintain all signs in good condition and repair.
  5. The signs shall encourage public patronage and access of the all of the facilities required by the license conditions (using directional graphics, if necessary) and state the hours of public access.
  6. At least one sign shall be placed in a prominent location stating that the walkway facilities were required by the MassDEP, the waterways license number of the project, and the location where the public may inspect a copy of the license.
  7. Signage shall be permanently posted and unobstructed from the view of a passerby.

Below is an example of an acceptable sign. 

Example of Waterways public access sign

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