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MassDEP provides interns with education, training, hands-on experience, supervision, and networking opportunities.
We will be accepting applications July 31st through August 16th for Fall 2019 internships.

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How to apply Apply for a MassDEP internship

Internship Application Period

Apply from July 31st through August 16th for a Fall 2019 internship.

How to Apply

  1. Choose two internships from the current list:
    List of current MassDEP Internships for Fall 2019 (PDF)
  2. Submit the online form before the end of the application period:
    MassDEP internship application form

IMPORTANT: Applications submitted after the close of the application period will not be accepted. To apply for a later internship, return here and complete the form during the application period.

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Learn more about the MassDEP Internship Program

We accept online applications during each open application period. See How to Apply for more information.

Current internships are unpaid. We help students get academic credit.

Interns work in a supervised setting. Interns may get the chance to attend statewide conferences, trainings, and/or workshops.

The internship program hosts events to connect interns with their peers.  Facebook and LinkedIn keep interns connected during and after their time at MassDEP. 

Who should apply?

We seek interns from all racial, cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds. We support people of any sexual status or with disabilities.

Undergraduate, graduate, and law school students may apply. Other persons may also be eligible.

Boston Bureaus & Offices

  • Water Resources

  • Air & Waste

  • Policy & Planning

  • Waste Site Cleanup

  • Administrative Services (including Office of Diversity)

  • Office of Research & Standards

  • Office of General Counsel

Our Regional Offices

  • Northeast Region - Wilmington

  • Southeast Region - Lakeville

  • Western Region - Springfield

  • Central Region - Worcester

  • Wall Experiment Station - Lawrence

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