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Obtain MASSTART services

MASSTART providers help families and schools plan for the health care and safety of children with special health care needs.


The Details of Obtain MASSTART services

What you need for Obtain MASSTART services

Who can use MASSTART services

  • Families who have children with complex health issues and/or are assisted by medical technology (e.g. a child may use feeding tubes, tracheostomy, ventilator, oxygen, intravenous lines) or have chronic illness.
  • Health care providers
  • School personnel
  • Early intervention providers
  • Community agencies

How to request Obtain MASSTART services

Contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Community Support Line for children with special health care needs.

  • (800) 882-1435
  • (617) 624-6060

Contact us via email at

Contact for Obtain MASSTART services

Massachusetts Department of Public Health
250 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02108
(617) 624-5990