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Information for all Massachusetts State Agencies on how to submit print and electronic publications to the State Library.

State Library of Massachusetts

The Details of Submit Published State Documents to the State Library

What you need for Submit Published State Documents to the State Library

The mission of the State Library of Massachusetts is to provide long-term access to a comprehensive repository of state publications. In order to help us achieve this, please regularly submit your state agency’s print and electronic publications to us.

Why should my state agency submit publications to the State Library of Massachusetts?

  • It’s the law! M.G.L. ch.6 §39B requires that each state agency send eight copies of their print publications to the Library for long-term storage and distribution to regional libraries and the Library of Congress.
  • Publications are preserved for long-term access and use in our digital repository.
  • It enables the creation of a complete and centralized historical record of Massachusetts.
  • The Library provides reference services, which saves your agency staff time and resources.
  • All of this is done at no charge to your agency.

What kinds of publications should my agency submit?

We aim to preserve valuable, informative publications intended for public use, including reports, guides, Executive Orders, and meeting minutes. We accept all types of file formats, however they must meet the accessibility requirements provided by the Massachusetts Office on Disability. Other examples of the types of documents that we’d like you to send us include:

Advisories Bulletins
Reports (including Preliminary, Interim, and Annual) Executive summaries
Brochures Guidelines
Inaugural addresses State published serials
Handbooks, guides, and manuals Meeting minutes and other meeting materials
Reference guides Proclamations
Summaries of reports, meetings, and projects Task Force findings and recommendations
Project reviews Publications relating to significant events in MA history 


Publications that you do not need to send us include ephemeral items, documents for internal agency use, RFPs, or state regulations. Some examples of other documents we do not need include:

Agendas Applications
Meeting or event announcements Legal documentation
Regulations Forms
RFPs Public notices
Posters Transcripts of hearings
Sample documents Publications intended for internal agency use only


Feel free to contact the State Library staff for a consultation if you’re unsure about whether or not to submit a publication. 

Where should we send our electronic publications?

Please email your publications to us at:

Where should we send our print publications?

Please send them to us or drop them off with us at:

State Library of Massachusetts

24 Beacon Street
State House, Room 341
Boston, MA 02133

How many copies should we send?

Please send eight copies of your print publications.

Do we still need to send print copies of electronic documents?

If your agency published both a print and electronic copy of a publication, please send us both versions. If the document is only available in print, please send us the print copy. If the document is only available electronically, please send us only the electronic copy. 

How can I send large files to the Library?

Please send your content to us at, send via our Online Form, or upload documents to and let us know.

What will the Library do with these copies?

  • Print copies will be distributed to depository libraries around the state and the Library of Congress, and will be saved in our stacks for public use.
  • Electronic copies will be uploaded to our digital repository.

Check out our YouTube Video!  The video is a short visual guide for state agencies about the documents the Library should receive.

Click HERE to watch the video on the Library's Massachusetts State Documents Depository Program.

Who can we contact with questions or for more information?
Feel free to get in touch with us at:
State House, Room 341
Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

How to submit Submit Published State Documents to the State Library

Email to

Submit through our Online Form

State Library of Massachusetts
24 Beacon Street
State House, Room 341
Boston, MA 02133

Contact for Submit Published State Documents to the State Library

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