2018 Public Water System Awards

An annual recognition of public water systems and certified operators

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Beyond Compliance Awards

The following 58 systems in the four different categories of NTNC, small community, consecutive, and medium/large community systems all have excellent compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations.  Not only do they have complete compliance with regulations for calendar year 2017 they have had no violations in the past 5 years. They have gone beyond compliance by testing for secondary contaminants and by having adequate capacity. This shows exemplary efforts to attain such an excellent record.


Nontransient Noncommunity

  • 2 Allen St. Professional Building - Hampden (PWS ID # 1120022)
  • Assurance Technology Corporation  -  Carlisle (PWS ID # 3051011)
  • Berlin Memorial School (PWS ID # 2028009)
  • BJ’s Wholesale Distribution Center  -  Uxbridge (PWS ID # 2304013)
  • Capeabilities  -  Eastham (PWS ID # 4086044)
  • Drummer Boy Condominiums  -  Wellfleet (PWS ID # 4318010)
  • Freetown/Lakeville Regional School District (PWS ID # 4146016)
  • Mendon Town Hall / Police Station (PWS ID # 2179027)
  • New Hingham Regional Elementary School (PWS ID # 1060004)
  • The New Testament Church  -  Plymouth (PWS ID # 4239003)
  • Pine Hill Elementary School  -  Sherborn (PWS ID # 3269011)
  • PMDM Realty LLC  -  Belchertown (PWS ID # 1024021)
  • Sysco Boston, LLC  -  Plympton (PWS ID # 4240005)
  • Wee Forest Folk  -  Carlisle (PWS ID # 3051019)
  • Westhampton Elementary School (PWS ID # 1331007)


Small Community

  • Beechwood Point Condos  -  Mashpee (PWS ID # 4172035)
  • Mount St. Mary’s Abbey  -  Wrentham (PWS ID # 4350003)
  • Northbrook Village II  -  Berlin (PWS ID # 2028018)
  • Pine Ridge Condo At Sampson’s Pond  -  Carver (PWS ID # 4052074)
  • Pinetree Village  -  Carver (PWS ID # 4052025)
  • Wingate at Hampden (PWS ID # 1120001)
  • Woodhaven Elderly Housing Committee  -  Sherborn (PWS ID # 3269002)



  • Beverly Water Department (PWS ID # 3030000)
  • Boston Water And Sewer Commission (MWRA) (PWS ID # 3035000)
  • Framingham Water Department (MWRA) (PWS ID # 3100000)
  • Meadowbrook Water Trust  -  Dover (PWS ID # 3078005)
  • Mattapoisett River Valley Water District  (PWS ID # 4173001)
  • Reading Water Department (PWS ID # 3246000)
  • Rings Island Water District  -  Salisbury (PWS ID # 3259001)
  • Southfield Redevelopment Authority  -  Weymouth (PWS ID # 4336007)
  • Swampscott Water Department (MWRA) (PWS ID # 3291000)
  • Watertown Water Dept. (MWRA) (PWS ID # 3314000)
  • Weston Water Department (PWS ID # 3333000)


Medium and Large Community

  • Andover Water Department (PWS ID # 3009000)
  • Ashburnham/Winchendon Joint Water Authority (PWS ID # 2011004)
  • Easton Water Division (PWS ID # 4088000)
  • Fairhaven Water Department (PWS ID # 4094000)
  • Hingham/Hull  Aquarion Water Company (PWS ID # 4131000)
  • Inima USA / Aquaria Water  -  Dighton (PWS ID # 4076004)
  • Lynn Water And Sewer Commission (PWS ID # 3163000)
  • Mashpee Water District (PWS ID # 4172039)
  • Newburyport Water Department (PWS ID # 3206000)
  • North Raynham Water District (PWS ID # 4245002)
  • Orleans Water Department (PWS ID # 4224000)
  • Pinehills Water Company, Inc.  -  Plymouth (PWS ID # 4239055)
  • Randolph/Holbrook Water Board (PWS ID # 4244001)
  • Salem And Beverly Water Supply Board (PWS ID # 3030001)
  • Sandwich Water District (PWS ID # 4261000)
  • Seekonk Water District (PWS ID # 4265000)
  • Sharon Water Department (PWS ID # 4266000)
  • Southbridge Water Department (PWS ID # 2278000)
  • Upper Cape Regional Water Cooperative  -  Sandwich (PWS ID # 4261024)


Also in this Beyond Compliance category we must recognize the following six systems for their continued effort in having been an awards recipient for the past three years:

  • Applewood Community Corporation  -  Boxborough (PWS ID # 2037013)
  • Belmont Water Department (MWRA) (PWS ID # 3026000)
  • Brookline Water and Sewer Division (MWRA) (PWS ID # 3046000)
  • Dedham Westwood Water District (PWS ID # 307300)
  • Harwich Water Department (PWS ID # 4126000)
  • Massachusetts Water Resources Authority  (MWRA) (PWS ID # 6000000)

Nominated Categories

There are two operators and 11 systems (four of which are beyond compliance awardees.) nominated for the categories below.

Regional Recognition

  • Billerica Water Works (PWS ID # 3031000)
    Billerica does a consistently good job with corrosion control operating at a finished water pH consistent with EPA’s optimal corrosion control recommendations.  The result is that the 90th percentile lead level for the last lead and copper sampling round was 2 ppb and none of the 30 sample sites were above the lead action level. Also, the average 90th percentile lead level for the past 17 years has been 2 ppb.  Billerica has done extensive lead in schools testing over a number of years (beyond the LCR school testing) along with associated follow-up actions. The Billerica WTP is well staffed and well operated with a good lab.
  • Hyannis Water System, Barnstable (PWS ID # 4020004)
    Recognition for implementing long-term planning to improve its water supply system, changing plans to react to emerging contaminants, and planning, financing and constructing corrective measures.

    In 2005, the Town of Barnstable purchased the Hyannis Water System from a private water company.  The Town contracted with an engineering firm to prepare a Water System Master Plan, which was completed in April, 2007.  The Master Plan projected phased improvements over 30 years totaling 33.5 million dollars, not adjusted for inflation.  The Town implemented the plan, and constructed significant improvements to the sources, treatment, distribution, storage, and operations of the Hyannis Water System.  Sampling performed under the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rules (UCMR) revealed 1,4 dioxane and perfluorinated compounds in some of the Hyannis groundwater wells in 2013, with results exceeding EPA Health Advisory levels and Massachusetts Guidance Levels in 2014.  Officials with the Town of Barnstable and Hyannis Water System rapidly evaluated the situations, formulated multi-pronged plans of action, engaged the services of multiple engineering firms, and implemented numerous contracts to mitigate and/or remove the contaminants.  Since 2015, the Town has installed temporary treatment, which was converted to permanent treatment;  negotiated, installed, and activated interconnections with neighboring water systems (Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Water Department and with the Town of Yarmouth); installed chemical treatment at the COMM interconnection; conducted pilot treatment studies; initiated investigations into new sources; and is currently preparing plans for further treatment
  • Shelburne Falls Fire District (PWS ID # 1268000)
    SFFD prepared for and completed succession of the Primary/Secondary operators over a period of years and is making system improvements this coming year SFY2019
  • West Groton Water Supply District (PWS ID # 2115001)
    The 2017 sanitary survey confirmed that the system is very well run.  The treatment plants are exceptionally clean and well-maintained.  The paperwork is very organized.  They have extensive written procedures for all O&M activities.  After the 2014 sanitary survey, West Groton Water Supply District implemented a comprehensive valve exercise and maintenance program where they located all distribution system valves and now exercise 100% of the valves yearly.  They have a clean compliance history since 2013.  After a bacteria episode in 2012/2013 they voluntarily went to permanent chlorination to prevent any further issues.  There are no known water quality issues.  The system is also in the process of replacing the original point well field with a new well field and water treatment plant.  For a small system, they make very good use of their resources.

Energy Conservation

  • Walpole Water Department (PWS ID # 4307000)
    As part of a comprehensive hydraulic and electrical performance assessment through Eversource, The town of Walpole optimized four of their drinking water booster pumping stations; High Street, Washington Street, Old Post Road, and Texaco Booster. Five Centrifugal pumping systems were maximized for operating efficiency – including rebuilding 3 pumps; installing premium efficient motors; and retrofitting (2) pumping systems with new variable speed drives, pumps and motors.  In total, the town of Walpole is saving over $16,000 / year and reducing its annual electrical usage by over 116,000 kilowatt hours.

Water Conservation

  1. Met 65 RGPCD and 10% UAW standard based on their approved 2016 data (2017 data is not yet in);
  2. Did not win this award in the past three years;
  3. Implemented at a minimum mandatory water use restrictions in 2017 (all three implemented restrictions allowing 2 days or less of watering per week in 2017);
  4. All three have websites showing conservation related information;
  5. While not required, all three used less water in 2016 than 2015.
  • Danvers Water Department (PWS ID # 3071000)
  • Franklin Water Department (PWS ID # 2101000)
  • Sharon Water Department (PWS ID # 4266000)


This award is given to systems who take action to reduce lead in school drinking water and do so with extremely encouraging results. Award given to the PWS and the School District

  • Boston Water and Sewer Commission and the Boston School District (PWS ID # 3035000)
  • MWRA (PWS ID # 6000000) for their cooperation in testing the schools’ lead samples at no charge to the schools.
  • Reading Water Department and the Reading School District (PWS ID # 3246000)

Distinguished Operators

  • Erik Mysliwy (Reading Water Department PWS ID # 3246000)
    Erik, besides being Reading’s Water Quality, Supply, and Safety Coordinator, has stewarded multiple award-winning programs for water testing and quality, system performance, and safety of both Reading’s DPW employees and residents.  Erik makes sure that the water, facilities, and school departments talk with town management to promote water quality within the town.  He understands that transparency and communication are key.

    Erik has also been known to partner with MassDEP and others to develop and conduct trainings on timely issues.  He takes an active role in discussing issues with MassDEP that may impact operators across the water supply field.  Erik represents excellence in a water supply operator.
  • Peter Thayer (Springfield Water and Sewer Commission PWS ID #1281000)
    In the past year, Pete has established himself as an outstanding operator often performing tasks above and beyond the normal day to day operational tasks.  He is instrumental in working with consultants to troubleshoot and improve redundant tasks;   he has worked to optimize filter performance through observation and analysis of the filter backwash process including filter bed analysis and wash water sampling; he worked many hours of overtime covering each of the three round-the-clock shifts, whenever called on; he’s involved in reviewing capital improvement projects that affect the treatment process, and making observations and suggestions to improve designs.  Pete has also effectively managed the plant during a power loss which included malfunctioning backup generators.  Peter has a keen eye for troubleshooting and problem solving within a complicated treatment process.



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