2021 EqualPayMA Roundtable Series

The Office of Economic Empowerment is hosting a yearlong virtual webinar series this year called the 2021 EqualPayMA Roundtable Series.

We are highlighting equal pay days affiliated with different demographic groups, in addition to hosting general conversations regarding the shecession.

The purpose of this series is to:

  • Discuss how the pandemic has influenced the wage gap
  • Highlight the current state of pay inequity, leading to financial pitfalls for women and how certain industries are overwhelmingly affected by the shecession
  • Reflect on where we’ve come in the five years since the Equal Pay Law was passed in 2016
  • Strategize on what we need to do to prevent a future shecession

Roundtable topics will include:

  • How pay inequity impacts BIPOC women, as aligned with equal pay days affiliated with different identities
  • Conversations around the shecession and how it has affected industries
  • A special event surrounding the five-year anniversary of the Equal Pay Legislation being signed into law
  • How wage gaps influence mothers and the LGBT community

Stay tuned for our webinar schedule, which will be available in our events section below!

For information or to get involved, please contact EqualPayMA@tre.state.ma.us.

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