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AA 500.00 Work search

Click on the case numbers below to access eligibility decisions about whether a claimant is actively searching for work within the meaning of G.L. c. 151A, § 24(b).

0028 2044 25

0028 2044 25 (Oct. 30, 2019) – As the caretaker of a child with a disability, the claimant was permitted to limit her availability to part-time work pursuant to 430 CMR 4.45(3). However, she effectively removed herself from the labor force after 15 weeks, when she continued to seek only high-paying jobs in a limited number of occupations. Thereafter, she made only a token effort to find work. This disqualified her under G.L. c. 151A, § 24(b).

0018 3385 28

0018 3385 28 (Mar. 30, 2018) – Claimant only sought work by contacting his previous employer and his labor union, making no other work search efforts even though union rules permitted him to accept non-union work. These efforts did not meet the work search requirements of G.L. c. 151A, § 24(b).

0021 9221 22

0021 9221 22 (Nov. 9, 2017) – Claimant did not present detailed evidence showing that he engaged in an active work search. His work search log included no dates, addresses, phone numbers, or outcomes. Emails showed only one job application per week. An invitation to apply for a job is not proof of claimant activity.

0018 1355 49

0018 1355 49 (Aug. 2, 2016) – Because the claimant was self-employed during a minor portion of time limited to weekends and evenings, and it did not interfere with her ability to search for, or work, full-time, she is not disqualified under G.L. c. 151A, § 24(b).

0012 9990 79

0012 9990 79 (Feb. 25, 2015) – A claimant, who was temporarily laid off with a definite return-to-work date within four weeks, was not required to actively search for work from other employers.

0010 9803 91

0010 9803 91 (July 24, 2014) – A claimant who failed to produce a detailed work search log showing a minimum of three contacts per week, as required by the DUA, did not meet her burden to show that she had been actively seeking work within the meaning of G.L. c. 151A, § 24(b).

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