About Chapter 30B: The Uniform Procurement Act

In 1990 the Massachusetts state legislature enacted the Uniform Procurement Act, also known as Chapter 30B, after collaborating with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and many other key stakeholders.

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Introduction to Chapter 30B

Three main ideas support the procedures required under Chapter 30B:

  1. Uniform procedures promote competition by creating a fair, open and accountable process. Chapter 30B clarified and demystified local procurement in Massachusetts.
  2. Robust competition for procurements saves money, promotes process integrity and enhances public confidence in government.
  3. The procurement of larger valued contracts requires more accountability and transparency measures.

In general, Chapter 30B applies to how a jurisdiction should handle:

  1. Supplies and services procurements
  2. Surplus supplies
  3. The acquisition or disposal of real property

Chapter 30B Overview Video

This video will provide you with an overview of Chapter 30B, including best practices and legal requirements for purchasing supplies or services for your jurisdiction.

History of Chapter 30B

Massachusetts modeled Chapter 30B after the American Bar Association’s Model Procurement Code. Chapter 30B incorporated insights and suggestions from the following:

  • The OIG
  • The Massachusetts Association of Public Purchasing Officials
  • The Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials
  • The City Solicitors and Town Counsel Association (now the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association)
  • Local officials

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Our confidential hotline is for public employees and individuals with Chapter 30B procurement questions. Direct questions related to design and construction procurement to the Attorney General’s Office. We welcome non-English speakers to contact us. Chapter 30B Technical Assistance Form 
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