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The R2R model

R2R is a Project Management and Oversight (PMO) concept to focus on all components related to reemployment for COVID19-impacted workers and businesses. It is a focused effort to determine products/services that need to be developed/organized/rolled out/trained on, on a continuum, for the workforce system’s necessary new business model in a future that’s just around the corner.

The purpose of the R2R model is to converge the work streams toward common goals culminating in the development of new business models.  Teams will identify needs, develop work plans, set goals, identify specific action items (immediate and longer-term), agree on responsible parties to carry out action, assign benchmarks and timeline to each action and identify success measures & report weekly.

The R2R model will utilize four work streams to capture workforce system activity and progress that moves on a continuum toward common workforce development goals related to the crisis.

The work stream teams will focus on components related to Reemployment of COVID19 Impacted Workers and Businesses:

Workstream #1: UI Capacity for Claims Processing - resource guide for UI claimants (Online); expanded UI call center capacity; staff guides for MassHire to assist with UI.

Workstream #2: Online Remote Resources, e.g. online workshops, job referrals, metrics on UI claimants using job postings, online Resource Guide for COVID19 Job Seekers, focused COVID19 “Jobs” Page (back end JobQuest).  The Online Remote Services work stream will organize these products and services to ensure statewide consistency and availability including necessary training and technical assistance.

Workstream #3: Reemployment Services – RESEA virtual model; online RESEA CCS/tracking of attendance. Ability of system to handle services virtually when RESEA is “turned back on.” This is what is proposed in the State Plan as a “pilot”… it now must happen immediately.

Workstream #4: Business Recruitment (referrals to job postings) RSI process for Amazon, CVS, Stop and Shop and other businesses.  Weekly metrics on job openings, referrals, job placements (as possible).

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