Asset Management Board (AMB)

The Asset Management Board (AMB) reviews and approves proposed projects that involve the long-term lease of real estate assets held by state agencies. 

AMB Board members include the Commissioner of DCAMM, the Inspector General, and three members appointed by the Governor.  For a complete listing of Board members, please see below.

Meetings are typically held 6 times a year, and are open to the public.

Advance Notice for all meetings will be posted on the DCAMM website, at the Secretary of State’s Office and the Executive Office of Administration and Finance.

Members of the AMB

Jeffrey Shapiro – ex-officio member
Inspector General

Jerald Feldman – real estate member
Real Estate Expert

Mary Lentz – finance member
Former Executive VP, McCall & Almy

Kija Kim – public member
President, Clark Hill Partners, LLC

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