Attorney General's False Claims Division

The False Claims Division safeguards public funds and promotes integrity and accountability in public contracting.

Created in 2015 to expand upon the Office’s existing false claims initiative, the False Claims Division holds accountable individuals and companies that make false statements to obtain government contracts or funds. The False Claims Division aggressively protects taxpayer interests through prosecution and outreach with the ultimate goal of ensuring that Massachusetts contractors are a model for quality and integrity.

Using the Massachusetts False Claims Act, the False Claims Division investigates allegations of civil fraud, focusing on conduct where companies and/or individuals have misled or defrauded state or municipal entities through, for example, the use of false or fraudulent claims, records or statements.   The Division’s work is wide-ranging, including public construction, health care, data security, non-profit management, housing and pandemic fraud. 

The Massachusetts False Claims Act is a powerful law enforcement statute that authorizes triple damages and civil penalties of up to $11,000 per false claim (adjusted by the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990), as well as the AG’s attorneys’ costs and fees.  The Act also allows private individuals known as “relators” to file lawsuits under the Massachusetts False Claims Act and to recover a portion of the proceeds in successful actions, subject to certain limitations.

The False Claims Division has recovered millions of dollars in government funds and is working with partners in government and with whistleblowers to expand upon those successes, recover funds for the Commonwealth and its citizens, and deter misconduct.

To report (anonymously if preferred) potential fraud and abuse relating to state or municipal contracts or funds, call our tip line at 617-963-2600.

Representative Matters:

Polar Park Construction Manager Agrees To Pay $1.9 Million Over False Claims Allegations

AG Healey Reaches $6 Million Settlement With Former Head of Homeless Shelter for Lying to the State and Funneling Money to Himself

Framingham Construction Company To Pay Nearly $1 Million For Subcontractor's Failure To Pay Prevailing Wages To Employees

AG’s Office Investigates Company That Sold Ineffective Hand Sanitizer Alternative to MBTA, Reaches $550,000 Agreement to Resolve False Claims

Colonial Automotive to Pay $1 Million for Exploiting State Unemployment System During the Pandemic

Retail Electricity Supplier Pays More than $1.65 Million for Knowingly Avoiding its Payment Obligation to State Environmental Programs

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