BabySteps Savings Plan Enrollment Hubs

Massachusetts families can receive information about BabySteps and get assistance signing up for an account with help from Enrollment Hub volunteers.

Massachusetts public-serving organizations can partner with the Office of Economic Empowerment to serve as Enrollment Hubs for the BabySteps Savings Plan. Enrollment Hubs are community-focused organizations across the state with resources and trained staff available to help walk families through the BabySteps Savings Plan account enrollment process and answer any questions along the way. Trained staff members are ready to assist families in their community get the $50 seed deposit and take the next steps in saving for their child’s future.

Organizations can sign up to become an Enrollment Hub by contacting the Office of Economic Empowerment by email at

Families can find a nearby Enrollment Hub by checking out a complete list below or by emailing

What organizations are Enrollment Hubs in the state?

These are the participating Enrollment Hubs in Massachusetts. Click on the links below to visit their websites:

Map of Enrollment Hubs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to become an Enrollment Hub?

Any community-focused organization in Massachusetts is eligible to become an Enrollment Hub. It would be particularly helpful if organizations:

  • Have a pre-existing network of residents in their community.
  • Provide free services for residents like:
    • VITA
    • Public benefits assistance
    • Financial counseling/planning
  • Can serve multilingual populations.

How can my organization receive training to become an Enrollment Hub?

The Office of Economic Empowerment and the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) conduct virtual training sessions with partners to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to serve as a BabySteps resource in their community.

Email to schedule an enrollment training.

What kind of help can families receive from Enrollment Hubs?

With help from trained volunteers, Massachusetts families can receive assistance signing up for a U. Fund 529 account and receive their free $50 seed deposit through the BabySteps Savings Plan.

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