CAMIS for Building Operations and Maintenance

DCAMM’s Capital Asset Management Information System (CAMIS) is a dynamic, centralized platform that supports effective stewardship of the Commonwealths assets

CAMIS maintains records of corrective and preventive maintenance work tasks associated to facility properties and equipment. It is a useful tool to optimize the condition of facility assets and maximize their life expectancy.

By integrating land and building data in one place, CAMIS provides a powerful tool to better manage both. Key functions of the system include:

  • Improving how we manage real estate owned by the Commonwealth, and leasing of space for state agencies
  • Maintaining the inventory of land and buildings owned or leased by the Commonwealth
  • Full integration with our in-house Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to allow mapping and geospatial analysis.
  • Supporting state facility managers in planning, operation, and maintenance of buildings to help them run better and last longer



Key advantages to using CAMIS for Operations and Maintenance

  • Occupants of the facility report problems and can then enter service requests which go to the facility staff
  • Preventive maintenance work tasks generate on a scheduled basis with detailed equipment procedures helping to eliminate downtime - these PM tasks are efficiently distributed to the right team and tracked through completion
  • Email notifications are used to automate communication and assignment of tasks
  • The maintenance and repair history of key building systems is easily accessed by the facilities team. • Reports can be accessed or generated to track performance for corrective or preventive maintenance by building, campus, agency, or region
  • CAMIS includes an integrated system to request and track deferred maintenance funding from DCAMM

The system

  • Access is for user agencies only
  • Access is web based so you can connect from any computer or device with an Internet connection
  • CAMIS is available online 24/7
  • All you need is the right browser and a password
  • Access to the system is role-based – users see only what they need to see to get the job done
  • Job Aides for users are stored in the system under the Document Manager line

User Agencies can get help with the CAMIS system by emailing the CAMIS Helpdesk.

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