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If you are caring for a child or youth under 22 and need financial relief for medically related expenses, you may be eligible for the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund (CICRF).

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What is a catastrophic illness?

Any acute or chronic illness or condition may be considered "catastrophic."

For CICRF, "catastrophic illness" is based on the amount of uncovered and eligible medically related expenses for the care of a child/youth that are greater than a certain percent of the family's annual income. CICRF is the payor of last resort, meaning expenses covered by other sources (such as insurance and fundraising) or the responsibility of other state or federal programs (such as the Department of Education), are not considered.

Who is eligible?

CICRF provides reimbursement for eligible medically related expenses for families of children and young adults with significant medical needs who meet the following:

  • Families with eligible expenses greater than 10% of the first $100,000 of annual family income from all sources plus 15% of any family income over $100,000
  • Child/youth under age 22 at time of the expense
  • Massachusetts residents

Is my family eligible?

CICRF cannot tell if your family is eligible for financial assistance until we know more about your child's medical issues and care, your household income from all sources (including public benefits and earned income), and the medical expenses you have incurred.  You can provide this information by completing an application to CICRF.

CICRF will use this information to compare your income from all sources to money spent on medically related expenses during the past 24 months, up to the date of your application.  CICRF will determine if you meet the requirements outlined above.

For example, if your family’s income from all sources for 2022 was $40,000, medically related expenses for your child must be more than $4,000 (10% of $40,000), to be eligible for reimbursement from CICRF.

If your family’s income from all sources for 2022 was $110,000, medically related expenses for your child must be greater than $11,500:

  • 10% of the first $100,000 or $10,000 plus
  • 15% of the amount over $100,000 ($10,000) or $1,500

Learn more about what expenses are covered by the CICRF and how to apply.

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