Community One Stop for Growth Expression of Interest

A coordinated method for accessing state grants and transforming the Commonwealth from a funding source into a partner in local economic development strategies.

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Overview of the Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest (EOI) is an optional short form that gives prospective Community One Stop for Growth  applicants the opportunity to receive guidance on priority projects before submitting a Full Application. Applicants complete a short form, consisting of a brief abstract and a few multiple choice questions for each project proposed, and receive an EOI Feedback Report based on the information provided.

The EOI Feedback Report informs the applicant whether their project  is a fit for the funding offered through the One Stop. If so, the report will indicate where the project falls on the One Stop Development Continuum, the program that best fits the project, tips on how to be competitive for the program, as well as important project budget and timeline considerations.

In other cases, the report may tell the applicant that their project is not a fit for the One Stop and likely not worth the effort required to complete a Full Application. If a state program offered outside of the One Stop is a better fit for the project, the EOI Feedback Report may include a referral to the program.

Although participation is not required and is not a consideration in the application review process, at least 77% of all grants awarded in each One Stop round have gone to an organization that participated in the Expression of Interest.

Key Dates for the Expression of Interest

  • Expression of Interest Open – February 9, 2024
  • Expression of Interest Close – April 30, 2024

Improvements to the EOI Process

The EOI process has been updated for the FY25 round to make filling out an EOI form as easy and quick as possible for applicants. Improvements to the EOI process include:

  • Easier Access – The EOI is now available as a simple webform accessed by clicking Complete an Expression of Interest Form link at the top of the page. Prospective applicants no longer are required to register and/or log into the IGX system in order to complete an EOI form.
  • Applicants May Submit Multiple EOI Forms – The former limit of one EOI submission per organization has been removed and applicants may return to submit additional EOI forms. Although there is no longer a limit to the number of submissions, applicants are still encouraged to prioritize their projects prior to submitting their EOI(s).
  • An Even Simpler EOI Form – The EOI form has been simplified to only require a brief description and a multiple choice questions for each project proposed. Applicants will complete a separate EOI Form for each project that they would like feedback on.
  • Expedited Feedback Delivery – The streamlined form reduces the time required for staff to review each EOI and allows for a prompt delivery of the EOI Feedback Report to the applicant.
  • Opportunities for Additional Guidance - To supplement the guidance received in the EOI process, One Stop staff and program managers will host two separate virtual office hour series to answer applicant questions. One Stop General Guidance Office Hours will be held by One Stop staff to answer general One Stop process and technology questions. Individual Program Office Hours will be held by each program in the One Stop to allow applicants to ask program staff questions related to the program. The full schedule of office hours and registration links can be found here.

EOI Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t see an option to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the IGX System. How do I access the EOI?

A: The Expression of Interest is now offered as a simple webform accessed via through the Expression of Interest page on the One Stop website. Prospective applicants are no longer required to register and/or log into the IGX system in order to complete an EOI form.

Q: If I submit an EOI, is that enough to be considered for funding?

A: No, the EOI is a tool for applicants to get feedback on their projects before starting their Full Applications. Applicants must complete a Full Application in order to be considered for funding through the One Stop.

Q:  If I do not submit an EOI can I still submit a Full Application?

A: Yes. Although it is highly encouraged, the EOI is an optional step in the One Stop process and is not required to submit a Full Application.

Q: Can I apply for projects that were not included on an EOI?

A: Yes. It is also important to note that applicants that do submit an EOI are not bound by the projects that they propose. Applicants may choose not to move forward with certain projects and/or may choose to submit a Full Application for projects that were not included on their EOI.

Q: Will the EOI Feedback tell me how to improve my project proposal?

A: Not exactly. The EOI Feedback Report will let the applicant know if their project is a fit for one or more of the programs within the One Stop. If the project is a fit, applicants will receive tips on what the relevant programs look for in competitive applications, and important notes related to budget and timeline requirements, however the Feedback Report does not provide direction related to the specifics of the project.

Q:  Is preference given to applicants that submit an EOI in the Full Application review?

A: No. Reviewers do not consider participation in the EOI process when evaluating an application.

Q: Can I upload documents into the EOI?

A: No, it is not necessary to include attachments in the EOI. The EOI form allows applicants to provide a brief project abstract and answer several questions related to the project scope. The Full Application is where applicants will have the opportunity to get into the details of their projects and will be asked to upload attachments.

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