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Community One Stop for Growth Expression of Interest

A coordinated method for accessing state grants and transforming the Commonwealth from a funding source into a partner in local economic development strategies.

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Overview of the Expression of Interest

The purpose of the Expression of Interest is to understand a community's larger objectives and goals as they relate to Community Development. The Expression of Interest is optional, but highly recommended. It gives applicants who are considering submitting a Full Application through the Community One Stop for Growth portal the opportunity to articulate their overall goals, objectives, and preparedness as it relates to housing and economic development. Applicants that submit an Expression of Internet receive feedback and guidance from the state about their priority projects or initiatives and economic development goals, before submitting a full One Stop application. Additionally, the Expression of Interest will facilitate deeper coordination, and referral to additional programs across multiple agencies.

Beginning in January 2021, ten programs will be administered through the Community One Stop for Growth – one application door to access programs offered by the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, Department of Housing and Community Development, and MassDevelopment.

Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development

Department of Housing and Community Development


Key Dates for the Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest portal will open on January 21, 2021. Expressions of Interest must be submitted by April 2, 2021.

  • One Stop Official Launch - January 21, 2021
  • Webinar 1: One Stop Overview Webinar - January 28, 2021 (12PM)
  • Webinar 2: One Stop Application Guidance Webinar - February 2, 2021 (12PM)
  • Webinar 3: Technology Webinar - February 4, 2021 (12PM)
  • Expressions of Interest Accepting Applications - February 8 – April 2, 2021

The Expression of Interest will be closed starting April 3 while applications are being considered, and will reopen in Fall 2021.

An Expression of Interest is not a substitute for any grant application.

Process Details for the Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest is a short form that allows an applicant to indicate its economic development priorities and seek guidance from EOHED and its partner agencies.  A community may submit up to five (5) project ideas for feedback and guidance. This will allow applicants to explore how their projects align to the Development Continuum, indicating information about a project and anticipating what type(s) of applications may be submitted in the full application.

The application is organized into the following sections:

  • Section 1 - Applicant Information: Identifying information of the applicant, and partners, if applicable.
  • Section 2 - Applicant / Community Background: Information about the applicant main goals, challenges, and past projects. Section seeks information about the community’s engagement in state initiatives and includes a checklist of various economic and housing development tools and strategies.
  • Section 3 - Project Summary: Describe up to five top priority projects or initiatives that the applicant intends to submit in a One Stop application for grant consideration. Describe the projects, areas, and/or sites and indicate the types of funding sought, even if unsure about the specific sources. This section is meant to provide state reviewers with insight into the prospective projects.