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DCAMM Contract Compliance

Learn how DCAMM works with designers, contractors, our project managers and other business partners.
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The Commonwealth's Affirmative Marketing Program established under M.G.L. Chapter 7C, §6, and Governors' Executive Orders helps ensure that minority owned business enterprises (MBE) and women owned businesses (WBE) certified by the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office have opportunities to participate on DCAMM and other public construction and design projects across the Commonwealth.   The Workforce Participation Program sets utilization benchmarks for the participation of minority and women workers on DCAMM construction projects and the Veteran Business Participation Programs (VBE and SDVOBE) also provide opportunities on agency construction and design projects.

Through educational and other outreach efforts, appropriate goal setting, project monitoring and its other activities, Contract Compliance supports and maintains DCAMM's and agency vendors' compliance with these important programs.

Affirmative Marketing Program MBE/WBE Participation Goals*

   MBE 4.2%
   WBE 8.8%
   MBE 6.6%
   WBE 15%

* DCAMM’s MBE/WBE participation goals are based on a statewide disparity study, and are set for individual contracts based on project specific considerations.


Service Disabled and Veteran Business Enterprises Benchmark (SDVOBE & VBE)

Construction 3% combined
Design 3% combined


Construction Workforce Utilization

Minority workers 15.3%
Women workers 6.9%


Contact for DCAMM Contract Compliance


1 Ashburton Place, 15th floor, Boston, MA 02108

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