Demand Response & Energy Credit Programs

Learn about how the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) helps state facilities earn money and use less electricity.

Demand Response

The program has the following categories:

  • RealTime Demand Response (Emergency Generation/Load Curtailment)
  • On-Peak Reduction (On-Peak Passive Demand Response)
  • Cap Tag Management

Real Time Demand Response is an award-winning program that every large electricity-using facility should consider. The facility agrees to reduce electrical use when asked by the operator, in exchange for revenue.

On-Peak Program looks to support the future electrical needs of the region. Energy conservation improvement projects that qualify for this program include:

  • New lighting projects
  • Renewable energy installations
  • Fuel switching (electric to gas heating)

Cap Tag Management is another program where participants can use less electricity and earn money during heat waves.

DCAMM registers these projects and sends the earnings to the facilities.

Energy Credit

solar pv at Roxbury Community College

Program participants make money by selling renewable energy.

Members of the program earn money for each megawatt-hour of electricity made at their site. Since it started, this program has earned 17 million dollars.

There are three energy credit categories:

  • Alternative energy credit (AEC)
  • Solar renewable energy credit (SREC) 
  • Renewable energy credit (Class 1 & 2 REC)

Equipment that could take part in the AECs program include: 

  • Efficient gasification 
  • Flywheel energy storage 
  • Paper-derived fuel 
  • Efficient steam technology 
  • Combined heat and power 

Equipment that could take part in the renewable energy portfolio standard (RPS) or REC/SREC program include: 

  • Wind power (turbines) 
  • Solar power (photo-voltaic) 
  • Biomass or biofuel-burning power plants 
  • Geothermal installations 
  • Solar thermal installations 
  • Renewable energy powered combined heat and power (CHP)


Dave Lewis, Manager for Demand Response & Energy Credit Programs

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