Economic Assistance Coordinating Council (EACC) Members

A list of EACC members as of April 2022
Secretary of EOHED (or designee) - Co-Chairman Mark Fuller (designee)
Undersecretary of Department of Housing and Community Development (or designee) - Co-Chairman Louis Martin (designee)
Director of Career Services (or designee) Vacant
Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development (or designee) Ken Messina (designee)
Secretary of EOHED Appointee Mayor Brian M. Arrigo
Director of Business Development (or designee) VACANT
President of Commonwealth Corp. (or designee) Christine Abrams
Northeaster Region Rep. Georgianna Melendez
Western Region Rep. Gabrielle Gould
Central Region Rep. Paul F. Matthews
Eastern Region Rep. Lisa Prior
Southeastern Region Rep. Mary Waldron
Cape and Islands Region Rep. David Keator
Merrimack Valley Rep. Joseph J. Bevilacqua
Higher Educational Institute Rep. Dr. Michael D. Goodman Ph. D.


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