Efficiency and Regionalization grant program FAQ

Answers to your frequently asked questions about the Efficiency and Regionalization grant program.

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What is the Efficiency and Regionalization Program?

The purpose of the Efficiency and Regionalization (E&R) competitive grant program is to provide financial support for governmental entities interested in implementing regionalization and other efficiency initiatives that allow for long-term local government sustainability. The grant program will be administered by the Division of Local Services.

Who is eligible?

The E&R Grant Program is open to: municipalities, regional school districts, school districts considering forming a regional school district or regionalizing services, regional planning agencies and councils of governments. Regional planning agencies and councils of governments may also serve as the administrative or fiscal agent on behalf of municipalities.

What is the deadline to apply for an Efficiency and Regionalization Program grant?

The application period will run from October 10, 2022 through November 10, 2022 at noon.

What can grant funds be used for?

Grant awards will provide one-time funds to assist in the planning and implementation of regionalization and other efficiency initiatives that support long-term municipal sustainability:

  • Regionalization: shared services, joint or regional facilities, intergovernmental agreements, consolidations, mergers and other collaborative efforts.
  • Internal Efficiencies: for a single entity to plan and implement innovative strategies that improve the quality and efficiency of municipal service delivery.

Planning and implementation activities are eligible.

Examples of eligible expenses include:

  • Small capital purchases or improvements that are integral to the implementation of a functional program such as equipment or software;
  • Technical assistance including consulting services, assistance in drafting contracts or other agreements; and
  • Transition or project management costs, not to exceed one year.

If an applicant seeks to initiate a new program with an E&R Program grant, the applicant should be able to show how the new program will be self-sustaining within one year.

Funds cannot be used for grant writing.

How will applications be evaluated?

The Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance will make final decisions based on the criteria set forth below.

Criteria for selection will include but not be limited to:

  • Innovation;
  • Potential for impact;
  • Cost savings and/or other tangible benefits such as service enhancements, service delivery efficiencies;
  • Demonstrated feasibility of successful implementation;
  • Speed of project timeline for completion; and
  • Potential applicability to other local governments (including, in the context of regionalization proposals, opportunity for other local governments to join effort).


May an eligible entity apply for more than one grant award?

Municipalities are eligible to submit one individual application and may participate in one multi-jurisdictional application.  Regional planning agencies and councils of governments can be the lead applicant for more than one multi-jurisdictional application. Non-regional school districts are eligible to apply if considering forming a regional school district or regionalizing services.

What is the maximum grant award?

Grant requests from a single government entity of up to $100,000 will be considered.  Grant requests from multi-jurisdictional applications of up to $200,000 will be considered.  

If an application is awarded a grant, what is the next step?

Once grant announcements have been made, the Division of Local Services will contact the grant recipient(s) to arrange for the execution of the grant contract.

By when must projects be completed?

Within 18 months of the award date.

For a project to be considered complete, grantees must submit a final report that certifies the project is complete, identifies the results achieved, and how the entity will benefit from the project in the long-term.

How do I access the application?

The application can be found here once the application period opens. If your organization is eligible for the Efficiency and Regionalization Program, a passcode was emailed to your organization’s Chief Executive on August 10, 2022. The Chief Executive is the Mayor or City Manager in a City, Town Manager/Administrator in a Town, Selectboard Chair if no Manager/Administrator, Superintendent in a Regional School District and Regular School District, Regional Planning Agency Executive Director, and Council of Governments Executive Director. Please see the designated Chief Executive for your organization before seeking to complete an application on your organization’s behalf.

Where can I find out more information?

If you have questions not answered above or your organization’s Chief Executive needs assistance with a passcode, please contact DLS by sending an email to Sean Cronin at croninse@dor.state.ma.us.



Email: Sean Cronin croninse@dor.state.ma.us

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