Eligibility Requirements For Applicants

In addition to the individual application form filed separately, consultants must first submit current credentials to be considered for state funded projects


The Designer Selection Board utilizes AUTOCENE Enterprise Automation software, also known as the Designer Selection Board Online Portal, for its operations to meet statutory disclosure requirements. Applications must be completed through the Designer Selection Board Online Portal. Applicants can login or register here.

The Designer Selection Board Portal enables registrants access to all DSB operations online.  All firms (prime and sub-consultant firms) are required to register using the attached instructions.

Firms can update the disclosure form and develop an online profile.  Firms can add references to their account attached instructions. Registered firms will have full access to the platform to apply to DSB projects, select sub-consultants, search the database, compile teams, and respond to evaluations.

The Designer Selection Board Portal is used by public agencies and municipalities statewide to enter their evaluations for all public projects in Massachusetts. Attached instructions.

Receipt of applications from designers who are full-time employees of another firm shall disqualify the applicant.

  1. A person may not submit more than one application as a “prime” applicant on the same project. The applications of any such applicant shall be considered disqualified. This rule does not preclude a person applying as a "prime" applicant even though that applicant is also listed as a consultant on one or more other “prime" applications on the same project. For the purposes of this paragraph, the term “person” means an individual, corporation, association, partnership or other legal entity
  2. Simultaneous receipt of applications from individuals or group of individuals who are associates or who are involved in an association or corporation filing for the same project shall disqualify the applicants
  3. Applicants agree to execute the current forms of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts standard the Contract
  4. Chapter 7C, § 51 requires that on public design contracts where the total design fee is expected to exceed $30,000 or for the design of a project for which the estimated construction cost is expected to exceed $300,000 the designer shall:
    1. File its latest CPA or PA audited financial statement with the Awarding Agency and continue to do so annually throughout the term of the contract
    2. Submit a statement from a CPA or PA that states that they have examined management’s internal auditing controls and expresses their opinion regarding those controls
  1. Every application or statement filed pursuant to this section shall be sworn to under penalties of perjury. A designer, programmer or construction manager who has been determined by the Board to have filed materially false information under this section shall be disqualified by the Board from further consideration for any project for such time as the Board determines is appropriate. UNSIGNED APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED BY THE BOARD


(a) Certification that the applicants’ legal entity, if applying to perform design services other than preparation of studies, surveys, soil testing, cost estimates, programs, or construction management is a designer as defined.  The definition of a design professional as listed in M.G.L. C.7C, §44 follows: 

“Designer,” an individual, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, joint stock company, joint venture, or other entity engaged in the practice of architecture, landscape architecture, or engineering, which satisfies the following:

  1. if an individual, the individual is a registered architect, landscape architect, or engineer; (registered in the Commonwealth of Mass.)
  2. if a partnership, a majority of all the partners are persons who are registered architects, landscape architects, or engineers; (registered in the Commonwealth of Mass.)
  3. if a corporation, sole proprietorship, joint stock company or other entity, the majority of directors or a majority of the stock ownership and the chief executive officer are persons who are registered architects, landscape architects or engineers, and the person to be in charge of the project is registered in the discipline required for the project.

[Note: This requires that the chief executive officer and a majority of the directors or the chief executive officer and a majority of the stock ownership be registered architects, landscape architects or engineers and that the person to be in charge of the project be registered in the discipline required for the project. “Registered” means registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.]

(iv) if a joint venture, each joint venturer satisfies the requirements of this section.

      (b) As a condition of application, each applicant agrees to carry, if selected for the new project, (other than a master plan, study, program, or construction management) professional liability insurance in the amount equal to 10% of the estimated construction cost of the project, in conformance with the provisions of Article 12 of study contract and Article 12 of the design contract, i.e. minimum coverage of $250,000 and maximum coverage of $5,000,000.  Note that the requirement for professional liability insurance shall apply to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Contract for Study, Final Design and Construction Administration Services (June 2016) when a project is advertised by both study and design services.

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