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Eviction Diversion Initiative - Public Information Campaign Materials

You can find social media content, flyers, and other public information related to the Eviction Diversion Initiative.

The Eviction Diversion Initiative (EDI) includes new programs and resources for tenants and landlords to avoid evictions and maintain household stability throughout the COVID-19 emergency. 

In addition to more funding, community mediation, and new legal resources, the Department of Housing and Community Development is producing content to reach residents across Massachusetts. Below you can find the most up-to-date public information campaign documents.

On this page you can also find information on how to help applicants submit an application. It is very important that applicants submit complete applications with required documentation. The checklist below is available as a PDF on this page and on our Service Organization Training Page.

This slide shows the four categories of documentation required for ERAP applications


Please visit our main page for more information about the Eviction Diversion Initiative and see our Frequently Asked Questions page to address common questions.

DHCD will continue to make more materials available for partners and will share any updates here.

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NEW ERAP Online Training resources

DHCD now has a new online training tool for public use. We encourage you to utilize this tool and share it with your community to learn more about funding and resources. Additional training resources can be found on this page and on our Service Organization Training Page.


EDI Online Training Tool for service organizations and partners. 

Central Application

The Central Application is a single online location where Massachusetts residents can apply for emergency housing assistance payments, including RAFT, ERMA, and ERAP, regardless of where they live in Massachusetts. The Central Application provides a single-entry point for Tenants, Landlords, Homeowners, and Advocates to apply for housing assistance. Regional Administering Agencies (RAAs) or the Rental Assistance Processing (RAP) Center will determine what program(s) the applicant is eligible for based on their submitted information and eligibility criteria

Central Application User Guide

Central Application Portal Guide

Central Application FAQ

NEW ERAP Guides and Resources

It is very important that applicants complete applications in full when they first submit the application to a regional administering agency. It can take additional time if applications are incomplete, or if caseworkers are unable to get in contact with the applicant and/or the landlord.

We also encourage tenants to inform their landlord they are applying for rental assistance, as their information will be necessary to complete the approval process. 

We have created new guides and FAQs to help community based organizations and service organizations assist households in submitting a complete application.

Further documentation guidance

NEW ERAP Flyers and Sample Social Media

NEW Video Public Service Announcements

Covid Eviction Legal Help Materials

Community Mediation Flyers

Additional Resources and Social Media Materials