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Explore apprenticeships in Massachusetts

Apprenticeships run the gamut from traditional building and construction trades jobs to those in the hottest technology-powered fields such as cloud computing and healthcare. We want to help you find the right earn-while-you-learn opportunity!

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Apprenticeships today

Registered apprenticeship programs are becoming increasingly diverse both in terms of the industries that sponsor them and the employees who take part in them.

The Massachusetts Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS) has expanded its mission to help all kinds of organizations establish work-based training programs, supplemented by classroom instruction, that enable apprentices to earn while they learn.

As a paid employee, you earn a progressively increasing wage during your apprenticeship. Those of you who complete an apprenticeship program receive recognized industry credentials to help pave your way into the post-apprentice workforce.

9,500 + Registered apprentices in Massachusetts
500 + Apprenticeship programs in Massachusetts

Become an apprentice in expansion industries

View a list of employers and other sponsoring organizations offering registered apprenticeship programs in Expansion Industries, such as healthcare, advanced manufacturing and technology. Reach out directly to the appropriate sponsor to apply for a program.

Contact your local MassHire Career Center for more guidance.

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Become an apprentice in the building trades

To get a sense of which traditional apprenticeships are available, find a local union program or a non-union program near you, or view our list of registered Apprenticeship Sponsors to contact the appropriate program sponsor. 

Your employer or apprenticeship sponsor will work with you to complete your application online here and secure an ID card. The organization will also help you to arrange for related classroom instruction.

Not quite ready to approach an apprenticeship program sponsor? Please contact your local MassHire Career Center. We have more than 2 dozen centers across the state that offer free services to help you research career opportunities and connect you with employers



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Pre-apprenticeship programs

Pre-apprenticeship programs can help you learn about the industry, practice your hands-on skills, and compete for apprenticeship program openings.

Here's where to search Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Programs.

Discover Pathways to Apprenticeship




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