Governor's Office Internship Department Descriptions

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Office of Access and Opportunity

The Office of Access and Opportunity (OAO) was established within the Office of the Governor pursuant to Executive Order No. 559 to increase diversity and inclusion within state government. OAO operates with a focus on maximizing existing resources and offices to increase the employment and involvement of those within the minority, women, disability and veteran’s communities in state government, while also pursuing new policy goals to increase the equity of minority, women, disabled and veteran-owned small businesses in procurement and provisions of state resources.

Executive Office of Administration and Finance

The Executive Office for Administration and Finance (A&F) is a secretariat within the executive branch responsible for developing and executing fiscal and administrative policies that benefit all residents of the Commonwealth. A&F is in charge of formulating and implementing state government’s operating and capital budgets, and managing the state's administrative agencies, including revenue collection, information technology, human resources, procurement, and state facilities.

Boards and Commissions

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has approximately 700 boards and commissions dealing with virtually every state department and public policy area. The Office of Boards & Commissions is responsible for screening potential candidates for gubernatorial appointments and works closely with both the Personnel Office and Legal Counsel to process all applications and recommendations and to prepare candidates for the Governor’s approval. For this reason, many undergraduate interns interested in a legal career often enjoy interning in the Boards and Commissions Office.

Cabinet Relations

Research and Policy Internship

The Cabinet Relations team is an integral part of the Governor’s Office that helps to implement the priorities of the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Secretariats to improve services for the citizens of the Commonwealth. The Cabinet Relations team works alongside secretariats to help develop policy, improve business processes, support strategic operations, manage performance goals, and to research best-practices and innovation in government

Strategic Planning Internship

As a member of the Cabinet Relations team, the Strategic Operations Fellow works with senior members of the team to support cabinet secretaries and agency heads on complex operational and service delivery challenges.

Communications Office

The Governor’s Press Office serves as the liaison between the Governor’s Office and the media. The communications team is responsible for distributing press releases and media advisories, fielding all media inquiries from reporters and is instrumental in the day to day of both the Governor and Lt. Governor. The office plays a vital role in crafting and disseminating the Administration’s messaging and developing its communication strategy.

Community Affairs

The Office of Community Affairs is the link between the Office of the Governor and the public which fosters  relationships across the Commonwealth. Community Affairs is in constant communication with community organizations, law enforcement, and non-profit and private organizations with the mission of hearing their opinions and connecting the citizens of the Commonwealth to resources and information from the administration.

Interns can expect a hands-on internship focused on building relationships with public officials to achieve the common goal of serving citizens and making sure that everyone’s voice is heard by the Governor’s Office.

Constituent Services

Boston Office Constituent Services Internship

The Governor’s Office of Constituent Services is the first point of contact between the public and the Governor's Office. Constituent Services responds on behalf of the Governor to telephone calls, letters, and walk-ins from the people of Massachusetts and works closely with state agencies to resolve constituent issues. Constituent Services is also responsible for acknowledging individual accomplishments through the citations, issuing proclamations that increase public awareness about important historical and societal causes, and greeting letters for organizations in the state.

Constituent Services interns can expect to gain a first-hand look at how state government works, and a very rewarding experience helping those in need.

Western MA Office Constituent Services Internship

The Governor’s Office Western Massachusetts office in Springfield serves as the bridge connecting constituents in Western Massachusetts to the happenings in the State House. Constituent Services interns respond on behalf of the Governor to telephone calls, letters, and walk-ins from the people of Massachusetts and will work closely with state agencies to resolve constituent issues.

Students who are in their sophomore year of college in the counties of Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden, and Berkshire are encouraged to apply.

Governor's Council

The Massachusetts Governor's Council is chaired by the Governor and composed of eight councilors elected from their respective districts every two years. Massachusetts is one of the only states in which judges are appointed by the Governor, and they must all be approved by vote of the Governor’s Council. In addition to these hearings and judicial votes, the Council meets to act on issues such as payments from the state treasury, criminal pardons and commutations, and approval of gubernatorial appointments of various individuals, including clerk-magistrates, notaries, justices of the peace, and public administrators.

Governor's Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

On April 27, 2015, Executive Order 563 established within the Office of the Governor a Governor’s Council to Address Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence to advise the Governor on how to help residents of the Commonwealth live a life free of sexual assault and domestic violence by improving prevention for all; enhancing support for individuals and families affected by sexual assault and domestic violence; and insisting on accountability for perpetrators. The Lt. Governor chairs the Council, and its members consist of up to 30 members from the community, whom the Governor and Lt. Governor shall appoint or re-appoint for specific terms.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Office is an ANF-IT department supporting the Executive Office and the Office of the Governor within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This office operates with a focus on customer support at all locations, including the State House, Western MA Office, and D.C. Office. The office ensures that network connectivity is always up and with as little downtime as possible.

Judicial Nominating Commission

Massachusetts is one of the only states where judges are appointed by the Governor. The Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) is the body responsible for screening all judicial applicants and nominees. The Judicial Nominating Commission serves as the Administration's screening mechanism for judicial candidates. The JNC is a non-partisan, non-political, and non-compensated Commission composed of twenty-one distinguished attorneys from across the Commonwealth that volunteer their services on a weekly basis to the voting process.

Legal Counsel

The Office of the Legal Counsel advises the Governor and senior staff on all enacted legislation and implementing regulations and collaborates with agency counsel and the Attorney General’s Office on litigation involving state agencies.

Note: The Governor’s Legal Office only accepts current law school students and recent law school graduates.

Legislative Affairs

The Office of Legislative Affairs focuses on moving the Governor’s legislative agenda forward by sustaining relationships with state, federal, and local elected officials as well as advocacy groups. This office ensures that the Governor and staff are fully informed about all legislative matters, and acts as a liaison between the Executive and Legislative branches of government.

Interns in Legislative Affairs can expect to witness the detailed process of legislation.

Operations and Administration

Operations Internship 

The Governor’s Operations Office handles all public events, press conferences, meetings, and appearances for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Once an event has been confirmed on the Governor or Lieutenant Governor’s calendar, the Operations team coordinates all necessary logistics with event organizers and communicates the logistical needs to the communications team and relevant agencies. Operations team members also accompany the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to events.

Scheduling Internship

The Governor’s Scheduling Office handles all event and meeting requests for the Governor’s time, effectively managing her calendar. They file invitations to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and track them through the acceptance and rejection process including communicating decisions to event organizers. The scheduling office is also responsible for coordinating between the communications office, operations department, and event organizers for confirmed events.


The Governor’s Personnel Office processes and analyzes background checks and management-level personnel transactions for all Secretariats within the Executive Branch and across state agencies. The office reviews applications for certain constitutional and statutory appointments, reviews and approves one-day marriage designations, reviews and handles nominations of Justices of the Peace and Notaries Public and handles other traditional human resource functions. The Personnel Office works closely with the Boards and Commissions, the Office of the Legal Counsel, and the Administrative Office.

Washington, D.C. Office of Federal-State Relations

The Washington D.C. Office of Federal-State Relations for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts advocates for state interests and monitors federal actions that could impact the Commonwealth. The office serves as a liaison between the state and federal governments and interacts with similar offices representing Governors from other states, working through organizations such as the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Coalition of Northeast Governors (CONEG) to advance state interests.

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