Health transition tips and resources for youth and young adults

Learning to manage your care is a process that takes time and practice, but don’t give up because you are the most important member of your healthcare team!

The adult health care system is often very different from the pediatric system. Over time, you will be expected to take more responsibility for your own care and there will probably be less support from adult care staff than you are used to. It can feel very lonely and overwhelming in the adult system if you have not been prepared for the different approach to services and the many new and unfamiliar faces you will see.

The links below are only some of the sites that can provide you with tools and support to learn about your health needs and how to communicate with your parents and providers about important health decisions. Many of these sites also have information for your parents and your healthcare team on ways they can help you advocate for yourself. You may want to be sure they are looking at these sites too.

Whenever you are using the internet it is important to know if the information is accurate. The links that we provide are accurate and can be trusted, but you may also be looking at other sites for information. The Guide to Using Health Information on the Internet (DOC) can help you assess the accuracy of health information on the internet.

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