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The Worth & Wealth Seminars are powered by partner support.

The Worth & Wealth Seminars provide weekly financial education workshops uniquely suited to the needs of women across Massachusetts. This program cannot successfully run without the help of our tremendous partners from around the state. The Partner Circle allows the Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE) to highlight organizations which serve as resource- and information-providers to communities in Massachusetts.

As a member of the Partner Circle, your organization’s information and resources will be shared to reach a broader audience and connect with individuals newly encountering your work. In return, OEE hopes that partners will promote the Worth & Wealth Seminars. Finally, partners will also have the opportunity to “spotlight” their work during one of our seminars, allowing them direct contact with our program participants.

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Partners can use our toolkit with ready-to-use email and social media copy.

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Event: Worth & Wealth Seminars

Dates: September 2023 – January 2024, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings 6 - 7:30 p.m.

Promotion Period: August 2023 – January 2024


Table of Contents

Teal Circle - Government Partners, Public Officials, State Agencies

As a teal circle partner, you will receive:

  • Organization Logo/Seal on website
  • TEAL Highlight on OEE Social Media
  • Organization listed in W&W Resources
  • Social Media Toolkit


  • Promote events
  • Nominate attendees

Purple Circle - Non-Profit Organizations, OEE Partners

As a purple circle partner, you will receive:

  • PURPLE designation & tag on OEE social media & website
  • Organization listed in W&W Resource Guide
  • Social Media Toolkit
  • “Five-minute feature” during one W&W session (can submit a video or slide!)


  • Promote events using branded social media toolkit
  • Nominate attendees
  • Send social tags and organizational logo for social promotion
  • Provide contact info for our resource guide

Gold Circle - Workshop Presenters & Community Leaders

As a gold circle partner, you will receive:

  • Individual announcement post on OEE social media
  • Affiliated organization logo on website
  • GOLD Highlight & tag on OEE social media
  • Organization listed in W&W Resource Guide w/contact
  • Receive GOLD social media toolkit w/branded sample posts
  • Added to the – “How did you hear about us?” part of survey


  • Promote events
  • Facilitate workshops/breakout rooms
  • Nominate/refer attendees
  • Affiliated organization acknowledged on “Thank You Slide” during Kick Off/Graduation sessions
  • Send social tags for social promotion

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