Massachusetts Comprehensive Cancer Coalition

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The Massachusetts Comprehensive Cancer Coalition (MCCC) is a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations (e.g., patients/survivors/caregivers, clinical care providers, community organizations, cancer centers, community health centers, academic partners) working towards the following Vision and Mission:


To significantly reduce the burden of cancer for all residents of Massachusetts.


To develop partnerships that address the disparities across the cancer continuum and improve the lives of cancer survivors and those living with cancer. Together we will:

  • Identify and eliminate barriers to health equity to close persistent gaps in cancer outcomes
  • Prioritize the unmet needs of disproportionately affected communities through advocacy, multisectoral partnerships, and ensuring equitable access to quality resources
  • Work collaboratively to implement and promote the Massachusetts State Cancer Plan

The MCCC has three tiers of engagement:

  • Leadership Group: Statewide oversight group comprised of six Regional Champions, Committee Chairs, Community Members, and DPH Director. Responsibilities of the Leadership Group include 1. Ensuring that racial and health equity is explicit in the work of the Coalition, 2. Overseeing the development and implementation of the MA State Cancer Plan, 3. Collaborating with the Coalition Coordinator to provide guidance on overall Coalition structure and management
  • Health Equity Committees: Health Equity Committees (HECs) will be formed to develop the Massachusetts State Cancer Plan, which will inform annual implementation plans for each Committee and guide their work on behalf of the Coalition. Each state-wide committee will focus on a particular stage of the cancer continuum (primary prevention, secondary prevention/screening, diagnosis/treatment, survivorship, and palliative care).
  • General Membership: By becoming a member and joining our mailing list, you’ll be connected to our work through quarterly newsletters which will include updates on Coalition projects, opportunities to participate in statewide and regional projects, highlights of DPH and partner initiatives, current cancer trends, cancer-related learning opportunities, and upcoming events.

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