Massachusetts Registration of Provider Organizations (RPO) Program Data

Many healthcare providers must register annually with the MA-RPO program. Find filing data by organization and year.

The Massachusetts Registration of Provider Organizations (MA-RPO) program collects data on Massachusetts’ largest provider organizations and monitors trends in the health care market. Healthcare providers that meet certain thresholds must register with the MA-RPO.

You can find and download the entire dataset by year below. All relevant file attachments are also included for each organization, including their organizational charts. For an example of how the Health Policy Commission has used this data to examine physician affiliations and changes in the physician market, see this issue of DataPoints.  

To request physician roster files, please email program staff at

Data definitions

Data Submission Manuals (DSM) for each year's filing

Each year's Data Submission Manual (DSM) contains the data elements and submission instructions for each filing. These DSMs are not current and should not be used to complete future filings with the MA-RPO Program.  They're only posted here for those interested in better understanding filing requirements.

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Additional Notes

Steward Health Care System LLC did not submit its Financial Statements file and therefore has not satisfied the requirements for registration in 2017-2022 with the MA-RPO Program.

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