MassDEP COVID-19 resources for water suppliers and wastewater operators

MassDEP is providing information for water and wastewater operators during the Coronavirus pandemic.

MassDEP is coordinating with the water supply and wastewater industries to provide information about the impacts of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. The materials provided here include our answers to questions from water-supply and wastewater professionals. MassDEP intends to host weekly calls with water suppliers until further notice to maintain effective communication.

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COVID-19 Assistance Surveys

Massachusetts water and wastewater utilities have been informed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of a planned federal distribution of up to 30,000 reusable cloth (non-N95) masks to Massachusetts water and wastewater utilities. Delivery to several facilities throughout Massachusetts could occur as early as next week. Other facilities and contract operators would pick up masks from those locations.

To help us determine the number of masks that would be allocated to each facility or contract operating firm, please have a representative of your facility or contract operating firm fill out this survey as soon as possible:

We will follow up with more information when it becomes available.


Calling all drinking water and wastewater operators who are willing to assist other facilities! Please fill out this survey:

Survey Results

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Wastewater Treatment System Operator Resources

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