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MassHireCIS - MassHire Career Information System

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What you can find on MassHire Career Information System (MassHireCIS)

The MassHire Career Information System (MassHireCIS) is a comprehensive, internet-based career information delivery system developed and maintained by intoCareers, a division of the College of Education at the University of Oregon.  MassHireCIS is licensed to the MassHire Department of Career Services (MDCS) and is available free on-line to all Massachusetts residents.

Designed to be an invaluable tool for career and school counselors, job seekers, students and educators, MassHireCIS provides information on: career assessment and planning, occupations, the labor market, outlook, and educational options. Tools that are needed to help people make better-informed career and school choices.

To access MassHireCIS, job seekers must complete a simple login process.  This is to limit access to those who live in Massachusetts, or are registered at one of the Commonwealth’s MassHire Career Centers.  Here is the login process: 

Our URL is https://masscis.intocareers.org/.

Each Career Center has been assigned a Username and Password.  This Username and Password should be given out to job seekers with instructions to use this information for their first MassHireCIS login.

The login information by Career Center can be found at:  Career Center Passwords - January 2013  

Once logged into MassHireCIS the job seeker should be instructed to set up a portfolio account. When setting up a portfolio account the job seeker will choose his/her own user name and password to use for future logins.

MassHireCIS can also be accessed by matching a Massachusetts City/Town to its corresponding Zip Code.  To log in this way, the job seeker will go to the log in screen and click on the Massachusetts Resident tab.  The job seeker then must choose a version of MassHireCIS (Junior, High School, or Adult) to open.  From the dropdown menu, the job seeker will choose a City/Town and then type in its corresponding Zip Code.  This login will give the job seeker full use of MassHireCIS, however their logins, Portfolio Accounts, etc. will not be connected to the Career Center and will not show up in the Career Center’s usage counts.

For more information, please call 617-626-6808 or email MassHireCIS@Mass.gov or Karen.Yeretsian@detma.org.   

The licensing and administration of the MassHireCIS was funded in whole, or in part, by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.  The content of MassHireCIS does not necessarily reflect the official position of the U.S. Department of Labor.  The Department of Labor makes no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind, express of implied, with respect to such information, including any information on linked sites and including, but not limited to, accuracy of the information or its completeness, timeliness, usefulness, adequacy, continued availability, or ownership.  MassHireCIS is copyrighted by intoCareers and MDCS.  Internal use by an organization and/or personal use by an individual for non-commercial purposes is permissible.  All other uses require the prior authorization of the copyright owner(s).


MassHireCIS Resources 

Guides and Instructional Tools

MassHire CIS 360 Resources

MassHire CIS 360 Resources

CIS Training Manual

CIS Training Manual

Career Assessment

Setting the Stage for Using Formal Career Assessment Instruments

Assessment Link

Assessment Link connects the occupations, occupation categories, or personality types or other assessment results from common assessment instruments taken outside of MassHireCIS to occupations in MassHireCIS.

Assessment Link Instructor Note

Assessment Link Quick Start

Career Cluster Inventory

The Career Cluster Inventory (CCI) encourages career exploration by helping users identify career clusters that match their interests and linking to occupations in those clusters.

Career Cluster Inventory Counselor's Guide

Career Cluster Inventory Quick Reference Guide

Career Cluster Inventory

Skills  (No longer available) 

In SKILLS the user discovers occupations that match his / her self-assessed or transferable skills.  A list of occupations is generated for further exploration.  

Presenting SKILLS to Students

SKILLS Counselor's Manual


Interest Profiler

The Interest Profiler helps the user identify interests and match them with a wide variety of careers. A list of occupations matching the user's interests in six broad categories of work is generated.

Interest Profiler User's Guide

Interest Profiler

 Work Importance Locator

The Work Importance Locator helps the user identify the values that are important to him/her in a job. A list of occupations is generated based on choices made by the user.

Work Importance Locator User's Guide

Work Importance Locater

 Occupation Sort

In Occupation Sort the user chooses and ranks up to 15 of 28 factors often considered in career decision making. As choices are made, Occupation Sort eliminates occupations that do not conform to the preferences expressed and generates a list of occupations that match the factors the user considers important.

Occupation Sort Counselor's Guide

Using Occupation Sort

Occupation Sort

Other Sorting Tools

Financial Aid Sort helps the user identify scholarships, loans, and other awards that match the user’s educational plans, abilities, and background. A list of awards is generated from user’s responses to scholarship criteria.

Financial Aid Sort

School Sort helps the user identify a list of schools that match his/her goals. Undergraduate School Sort offers 12 sorting criteria for those seeking schools that offer associate or bachelor’s degree programs. Graduate School Sort offers five sorting criteria for those seeking masters or doctoral degree programs. The sorting items include such things as majors, location, program school size, etc.

School Sort

Adult Career Plan Implementation Framework

Career development is a lifelong activity, and each user will find it valuable to spend more time on some activities than others. Career Plan provides a structure and recommended order, but, ultimately, the user is the driver of his or her own future.

Adult Career Plan Implementation Framework

Career Plan

Entrepreneurial Career Assessment

The Entrepreneurial Career Assessment looks at the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and asks the user to rate himself/herself on these characteristics. Results may help the user determine whether or not to open his/her own business.

Entrepreneurial Career Assessment

My MassHireCIS Portfolio 

In My Portfolio the user can save information, career assessment results, explorations, education and work history, and notes about items saved. The user can also create, upload, and print resumes, save career plans, upload other files, and run a report combining results from assessments taken.

Create and Use a Portfolio

Create a Resume

By typing and saving education and work history in CIS, the user can easily create resumes from custom style sheets or his/her own design to generate a professional looking resume. In addition, information saved here can be printed and used when filling out job applications and reference forms.

Create a Resume

Upload Files

Stored Files and Links provides a place in the user’s portfolio to save resumes, work samples, and links to web pages that the user may want to access or share in the future for a job, college or scholarship.

Upload Files

Combined Report of Occupations

The Combined Report of Occupations feature allows the user to generate one report containing all the occupations generated through saved assessments and sorts.

Combined Report of Occupations

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