MassWorks 2021 Awards

The following is a list of cities and towns receiving MassWorks Infrastructure Grant Program awards during the 2021 Round. MWIP is now part of the Community One Stop for Growth.

2021 MassWorks Grant Recipients



Project Name



Town of Acton

Great Road Corridor Complete Streets Preliminary Design


Acton will undertake a Complete Streets design for the Great Road corridor. The focus will be on multi-modal transportation options in the primary commercial district. Outcomes include: ADA compliance, housing access, sidewalk and bicyclist connectivity, intersection layouts and safety, vegetation and tree cover. 

Town of Athol

Exit 77 Hotel and Function Facility Access and Infrastructure


Athol will produce design and engineering documents for the future development of a hotel and conference center. This is the final parcel to be developed in a 300,000 square foot 43D district of the North Quabbin Business Park. The outcome will be a national hotel chain offering 70-80 rooms, and conference space. 

Town of Avon

Central Reservoir Safety Improvements Pedestrian & Bicycle


The town of Avon is receiving $288,000 to complete a third phase of the MassWorks 2020 Central/Reservoir Improvement Project, which will add bicycle and pedestrian amenities to Central Street once the vehicular roadway improvements have been made from the first phase funded by MassWorks and a second phase funded by MassDOT’s Shared Streets and Spaces Program.
When complete, the project will narrow Central Street to a uniform width resulting in safety improvements for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.  This will allow safer and easier access to nearby landmarks such as the DW Field Park, the Westgate Mall, Cushing General Hospital, and IKEA Stoughton. 

Town of Becket

McNerney Road Repair


The town of Beckett is receiving a $1 million award to reconstruct McNerney Road, a local connector between Route 8 to the south and the town of Washington to the north. Improvements will include full-depth reclamation, road widening, and shoulders for bike accommodations.    
McNerney Road provides an alternate route for regional and commercial traffic traveling north to the towns of Washington and Dalton and the city of Pittsfield. The roadway is used year-round by Becket emergency vehicles, Washington residents, and provides the most direct travel route for emergency responders to the western portion of Washington. Project improvements will address poor pavement conditions as well as narrow lanes that presently impact response times and cause hazardous travel conditions. 

Town of Bedford

Middlesex Turnpike Corridor Water and Sewer Infrastructure


This MassWorks grant to the town of Bedford will support the design of sewer system upgrades in the town’s Crosby Drive business district and Middlesex Turnpike corridor.  Bedford’s MassWorks award is a Predevelopment Grant, a first-year program in the Community One Stop for Growth, that will support approximately $150 million in private investment for planned biomanufacturing developments. The sewer upgrade project builds on a 2020 market study and strategy plan prepared in partnership with the MassDevelopment Real Estate Technical Assistance program. The MassWorks award will support the engineering of an expanded pump station, 2,500 feet of sewer mains, and 1,230 feet of gravity sewer piping.   
The project, which also leverages $500,000 in private funds, will advance the town’s strategy for growth in the life-science sector.  While construction of a 100,000-sqaure-foot biomanufacturing facility is currently underway by Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, these upgrades are expected to unlock another 70,000 square feet of planned space by Ultragenyx.  Ultragenyx received prior support for the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, which provided a $790,952 Tax Incentive award to help create 50 full time jobs. Additionally, the sewer upgrades will support a separate 140,000-square-foot biomanufacturing facility proposed by Gutierrez Company.
Collectively, these developments will be built as a result of private investment totaling approximately $150 million and are expected to create more than 500 permanent jobs after full buildout and occupancy. 

Town of Blandford

North Blandford Road


The town of Blandford will use this grant to rehabilitate North Blandford Road, a heavily used connector road between Route 23, which is Blandford’s main throughway, and the neighboring town of Otis. Work will include reconstruction of drainage and culverts, milling of the road, and resurfacing.     
The decision to rehabilitate North Blandford Road stems from the Pioneer Valley Planning Council and MassDOT’s 2020 roadway evaluation which determined that the road was in need of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of North Blandford Road would protect the regional economy by ensuring the ability of commuters and commercial vehicles to travel unimpeded on a vital connector. 

Town of Bolton

Intersection Safety Improvements at Rte 117


The town of Bolton's grant will support the final design and construction of a modern roundabout to improve safety, and intersection geometry at the where Route 117/Main Street, Forbush Mill Road, and Green Road cross. Project outcomes include reductions in the frequency and severity of crashes, reduction in travel speeds along Route 117, and the creation of safe pedestrian crossings and bicyclist accommodation. 

City of Boston

Mildred Hailey Phase One 


For street and utility improvements that will support the Mildred Hailey Apartments Redevelopment Project, which plans to construct 673 units of new and replacement mixed-income housing through a public-private partnership over a 10-year period. Specific improvements include a new roadway, utility extensions, an expansion of multi-modal accommodations and public green space. These improvements will enhance transportation safety and neighborhood connectivity, including pedestrian connections to the MBTA’s Jackson Square Station and Southwest Corridor Park. In addition to housing, the Mildred Hailey project will include a 6,800-square-foot community center and approximately 8,300 square feet of neighborhood retail space at full buildout. 

City of Boston

Nubian Square Ascends


This award will be combined with $3.5 million in private financing to fully fund all necessary work through the final design for a transformative project with spaces for cultural, entertainment, and artistic uses. The project, known as “Nubian Square Ascends,” is a $111 million private investment that will result in a transit-oriented development with a new public way and plaza, multi-modal accommodations, a 300-space parking garage and 135,000 square feet of commercial space for uses ranging from culinary to lab to cultural purposes. The buildout of Nubian Square Ascends is expected to create or sustain approximately 900 jobs and will include contracting opportunities for minority- and women-owned business enterprises during all phases of construction. 

City of Boston

Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment


For utility upgrades in Charlestown to support the Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment Project. The utility work will trigger the start of the redevelopment project’s first phase, which calls for the demolition of six residential buildings that date back to the early 1940s and the construction of two new buildings. The new buildings will result in the replacement of 156 units of affordable housing as well as the addition of 194 new units of market-rate housing. At full buildout, the redevelopment project will lead to the replacement of all 1,100 existing units of public housing, the addition of 1,600 new units of market-rate housing and approximately 73,000 square feet of civic and neighborhood retail space. 

City of Brockton

Franklin Street Reconstruction 


Brockton is receiving $226,000 to provide design support for the reconstruction of Franklin Street, including new water and sewer infrastructure, drainage upgrades, and streetscape improvements. The full depth reconstruction of Franklin Street and the completion of New Street will support the redevelopment of the Catalytic Development Sites with a total of 80,000 square feet of land.

Town of Burlington

MWRA Phase 2A Connection


This award to the Town of Burlington will fund a continuation of planned water system upgrades, including upsizing approximately two miles of water mains and a new connection to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority in Lexington, and builds on Burlington’s $3.5 million MassWorks grant, awarded in 2020, which also supports this next phase of improvements.  When complete, the project will provide an additional 3.5 million gallons of water per day for the town, which is necessary for the planned development of 250,000 square feet of new life-science space and the creation of 300 new apartments, all by the Nordblom Company.  These developments are estimated to generate $133 million in private investment and support the continued buildout of Nordblom’s Northwest Park, an existing mixed-use campus of office, restaurant, retail, residential, and hospitality uses. In addition, these water system upgrades will create opportunities for future development on at least 11 underutilized sites in the Middlesex Turnpike and Route 3 corridors.
Burlington’s award taps into more than $8.8 million from multiple public and private sources and builds on the town’s first phase of water main upgrades completed in 2020. Contributed funds include $3.1 million from the Town of Burlington, $4 million from the Nordblom Company, and over $1.7 million from the Town of Bedford.

Town of Charlemont

8A North Realignment


The town of Charlemont intends to shift a portion of Route 8A/North Heath Road approximately 550 feet to the east of the present roadway, which will eliminate a sharp curve in its current configuration. Route 8A serves as the main access road between Charlemont and Heath and is a popular connector to portions of Vermont. A new catch basin will be constructed and an existing culvert over Mill Brook will be upgraded to improve water quality to the town. The existing portions of the roadway abutting the portion to be shifted will be repaved. 
The elimination of the sharp curve will also allow safer and easier access to nearby driveways and pave the way for increased opportunities for more residential development along this stretch of road. Another positive benefit resulting from the shifting of Route 8A is that the roadway will be further removed away from the Mill Brook riverfront area and thereby improving the natural habitats surrounding Mill Brook. The roadway relocation will also improve drainage to the roadway.

Town of Chelmsford

Groton Road Water Main Upgrade


This grant to the Town of Chelmsford will fund upgrades to a water main along Groton Road/Route 40. Chelmsford will install an upgraded 12-inch ductile iron water line that will run approximately 1,700 feet from the interchange of Route 3 and Groton Road, west to the Westford town line.  The new infrastructure and expanded capacity will support a proposed $13.6 million private investment that will result in construction of 12 duplexes, totaling 24 new units of housing, which will be moderately priced.  The new housing development will be built on an 8.34-acre parcel and is estimated to create 40 construction jobs.  The new water line will also create the opportunity for additional development along the Route 40 corridor in the future.

City of Chicopee

The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts


To support the relocation of the Food Bank’s headquarters and distribution center to the city of Chicopee. As the leading hunger-relief organization serving the four counties of Western Massachusetts, the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts’ new location will offer: an emergency food hub, an emergency shelter for Chicopee residents, highway access for distribution of emergency food to FBWM’s network of more than 170 local members (independent food pantries, meal sites, and shelters), and its own 77 direct-to-household distribution sites; and space for more staff, visitors, community events, and on-site public programs. The MassWorks grant will fund improved community access to the future headquarters through a new access road, traffic signal, streetscape improvements to East Main Street, and parking adjacent to the facility. East Main Street will also be resurfaced in order to accommodate additional truck traffic. 

Dartmouth Housing Authority

Mendes Montiero House


The Dartmouth Housing Authority’s award will support the installation of utilities including water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, and electricity to within 10 feet of the future location of the Mendes Monteiro House.  At a total development cost of $3.9 million, this affordable housing project will result in 10 new units of affordable housing with supportive services available around the clock. The project is a partnership between the Dartmouth Housing Authority and the Stone Soup Collaborative, which is leading the development of the project. In addition to utility installation, the infrastructure work will include the extension of a sidewalk to the project site, landscaping, and drainage upgrades.

Town of Dartmouth

Design for 40B Sewer Upgrades


The town of Dartmouth received a $110,000 MassWorks Predevelopment grant to fund an engineering study to determine the scope of needed sewer upgrades that would support a future proposal for affordable housing at the intersection of Reed Road and Route 6. That proposed development, which would result in 288 housing units, would increase Dartmouth’s subsidized housing inventory to over 10 percent of the town’s total housing stock.

Town of Douglas

Tri-Town Infrastructure Upgrade Project


Douglas' grant will support water and sewer upgrades for the system that serves the towns of Douglas, Sutton, and Uxbridge.  The upgrades are critical to the advancement of two warehouse developments that will be constructed as a result of $147 million in private investment and are expected to support the creation of approximately 800 new jobs.

Douglas’s MassWorks award will fund the first phase of a more than $12-million public improvement program aimed at expanding utility infrastructure along the Route 146 corridor and catalyzing regional growth for Douglas, Sutton, and Uxbridge. Specific improvements include installing or upsizing approximately 9,300 linear feet of water mains, 6,000 linear feet of sewer force mains, and a sewer pump station.
The Douglas project taps into nearly $4 million in local and private funds and will expand water and sewer capacity in support of new commercial development in all three communities.  In the short term, the expanded capacity will unlock two warehouse developments, while also unlocking future development opportunities on at least two additional sites in Douglas. Collectively, the two warehouses will result in 1.74 million square feet of new industrial space, generate $147 million in private investment, and create an estimated 800 permanent jobs.

Town of Dudley

Infrastructure Improvements for Ardlock Place Neighborhood


Award for design of sewer and streetscape improvements in the town’s Mill Conversion Overlay District. This project will advance the goals and objectives of Dudley’s Jericho-Brandon Infrastructure Master Plan, which identifies reuse opportunities in the old mill neighborhoods of Mill Street, Village Street, and Ardlock Place. Predevelopment funds will support final design and permitting of nearly 1,000 feet of sewer mains and over 600 feet of sidewalks and curbing. Existing sewer pipes in the project area are undersized and in poor condition. Many transect private lots and experience excessive stormwater inflow and infiltration. Dudley’s project will design for reconstruction of the existing system, as well as improvements for sidewalks, curb ramps, and other pedestrian accommodations. Improvements will support reuse opportunities in the former mill area, including a $30-million reuse of the Stevens Linen Mill. Plans for this mill include 160 units of new housing, 10 percent of which will be income restricted.  

City of Fall River

Wilson Road Sewer & Water Construction


Fall River’s MassWorks award will fund the replacement of the Wilson Road Sewer Pump Station, which has exceeded its useful life, and construction of a new drinking water pump station.  The Wilson Road facility serves the Fall River Industrial Park and these upgrades would improve capacity and resiliency.  The work would also support a planned $20 million private investment by Hutchens Holding III LLC (IceCube Cold Storage & Logistics) to construct a 200,000 square foot, best-in-class cold storage facility to serve an unmet need in Massachusetts. 

Town of Franklin

Grove Street Improvement Project


The Town of Franklin's award will fund intersection and roadway improvements along Grove Street, supporting a local throughway that connects multiple Economic Opportunity Areas and will also support ongoing and future commercial development along the corridor. Franklin’s project leverages $650,000 in local and private funds and will provide immediate access and transportation benefits for a newly constructed $20 million warehouse at 206 Grove Street.  The 150,000-square-foot building was recently leased to UPS and is expected to generate 70 permanent jobs at full use. Franklin’s project is phase one of a local infrastructure improvement program aimed at stimulating new growth in the Grove Street corridor.  The MassWorks grant will fund public improvements including more than 6,000 linear feet of sidewalk, curbing, and road rehabilitation, as well as a new traffic signal at the intersection of Grove Street and Washington Street.  The improvements will support development opportunities for more than 30 properties zoned for industrial uses, several of which are undeveloped or underutilized.

City of Gardner

Rear Main Street Revitalization Project Phase II


Gardner's MassWorks award will fund a second phase of the city’s Rear Main Street Revitalization Project, which will result in 52 new housing units. Gardner’s grant will allow the city to make key improvements to water, sewer, and electric utilities to the Rear Main Street site, which is currently vacant.  In addition, the grant will fund stormwater and drainage upgrades as well as a new public plaza and new sidewalks along Rear Main Street, which will include lighting, landscaping, bike racks, and benches.  The planned upgrades support the Rear Main Street Revitalization Project, a public-private partnership involving Gardner and developer EA Fish Development LLC, that will result in a mixed-use, 52-unit residential project, with 37 of those units being designated as workforce affordable. 

Town of Granville

Southern Berkshire Highway Connectivity Improvement 


This MassWorks grant will be used to pave three major roads across Granville, which are currently gravel roadways. West Hartland Road runs north/south from Route 20 in Hartland, CT to Route 57 in Granville. Hunt Road is a connecter to Tolland, MA from West Hartland Road. Beech Hill Road runs north/south from Route 23 in Blandford to Route 57. Timberdoodle is a connector from Beech Hill to Borden Brook Road.  Phelon Road is a 1.7-mile gravel rural connector from North Lane to Blandford Road. It is the only east/west route parallel to Route 57. 

Town of Great Barrington

Housatonic Homeownership Project


This Predevelopment award will allow Great Barrington’s Affordable Housing Trust to create detailed engineering plans, estimate construction costs, apply for permits, and help secure construction funds. The AHT purchased 7.25 acres of vacant developable land on North Plain Road in Housatonic in 2020 and has selected Habitat for Humanity as the developer. Habitat will develop the site, building a small road and bringing in utilities (public water and possibly public sewer) to serve 14 – 20 permanently affordable homes clustered around a community space. 

Town of Groveland

Signalization of the Route 97 Intersection at School Street


MassWorks grant to the town of Groveland will fund the installation of traffic signal equipment at the intersection of Salem Street (Route 97) and School Street. The project will result in the installation of new, fully actuated traffic signals at Salem Street, School Street, and Groveland Village Driveway and will include pedestrian countdown signal heads and vibratory/audible push buttons to increase pedestrian crossing safety.  In addition, the signal equipment will be timed to accommodate peak commuter travel windows, and provide the opportunity for protected turning movements to address this intersection’s known history of safety issues.   

Town of Hancock

Paving of Dee Road, Goodrich Hollow Road, Tower Mountain Road


The town of Hancock is using its $169,000 MassWorks grant award to pave three dirt and gravel roads that can only be accessed from New York State. The grant will only cover the cost of paving; the town intends to do other work including replacing culverts and adding gravel prior to paving.  
The paving of these three roads will increase the safety and ease of access to the homes along the roads. Snow is easier to clear on pavement than gravel and vehicles are less prone to slipping on ice or getting stuck. Also, pavement will result in less gravel runoff into nearby streams. The paving of these roads will also result in increased economic opportunities for Hancock from revenue generated by new housing that can be built along the roads. Along with recent high speed internet service, the town believes the area these three roads serve will only increase in popularity and demand.

City of Haverhill

Merrimack Street Public-Private Redevelopment Project


The city of Haverhill is redeveloping municipally owned parcels in the downtown to support new housing and commercial development. The city has sought redevelopment proposals for five city-owned parcels (4.5 acres of development area), foremost the existing 592-space Goecke Parking Deck that is currently in a state of disrepair.  The city is seeking funds to plan and design a new downtown parking facility to replace the existing Goecke Deck on a smaller land footprint as part of a public-private redevelopment plan. The funds will be used to provide infrastructure design documents as part of the public-private partnership. 

Town of Heath

Route 8A Safety Improvements


The town of Health is receiving a $735,000 award to rehabilitate seven miles of roadway along Route 8A, a principal north-south corridor between southern Vermont and Route 2. Improvements will include road resurfacing, shoulder grading, and replacement of two drainage culverts.   
Route 8A supports year-round tourism for the region’s recreational destinations and is a principal travel route for commuters and emergency vehicles between the towns of Heath and Charlemont. Route 8A also provides the most direct route to the former Heath Elementary School, which operates as a command center and emergency dispensing site during states of emergency. Current pavement and shoulder conditions make travel hazardous along the roadway during heavy rain and storm events. Improvements will increase transportation safety and mitigate risks of closures.

Town of Holden

Analysis of Adams Road and design of Fire Substation Access


This award will fund design of future reuse of a former Department of Public Works (DPW) property. The site contains two attached structures, a DPW building and Fire Department substation, both of which are in disrepair and slated for demolition. The town plans to subdivide the three-acre site, preserving one portion for a new substation while marketing the remaining portion for a mix of commercial and residential uses. Predevelopment funds will support final design of the new substation, as well as an analysis of the site’s access and utilities needs, and the development of a Request for Proposal (RFP).  The former DPW site is located in a mature commercial district along Adams Road off Route 122A. A feasibility study is currently underway to assess mixed-use and zoning alternatives for the property. Future redevelopment of the site will advance the goals and objectives of the town’s recent 2019 Master Plan update, which emphasizes denser, more pedestrian-oriented development with a mix of uses.  

Town of Hull

Two Way Roads Project


This award will fund final designs of transportation improvements in downtown Hull and the Nantasket Beach area. This project will advance the goals and objectives of the Nantasket Beach urban renewal plan and builds on more than six years of cooperative planning between the town of Hull, the Hull Redevelopment Authority (HRA), MassDOT, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Planned improvements include road realignment, intersection modifications, multi-modal accommodations, and the conversion of multiple one-way streets to two-way travel. Hull’s project leverages $68,000 in local funds and will progress the town’s existing 25 percent design plans through final design and bid preparation. Proposed improvements will increase transportation safety for multiple modes of travel, while also accommodating future growth in downtown Hull. Growth opportunities include marketing and development of a 10-acre HRA site, which currently sits vacant and is used only seasonably for beach parking.  

City of Leominster

Orchard Hill Park Expansion


The project will include the extension of utilities and roadway from the existing Orchard Hill Park Drive extension to a new proposed industrial development. The additional utility capacity will support approximately 300 new jobs and 234,000 sf of new industrial space, at a cost of $19,000,000, supporting 100 construction jobs.

City of Lowell

Acre Crossing



MassWorks funding will be used to design and install sidewalks, improve pedestrian and vehicular traffic, add landscaping and lighting, and construct a pocket park in the areas adjacent to the private development known as Acre Crossing. Acre Crossing is a new construction, mixed-use development consisting of 34,025 sq ft of office, retail, parking, and 32 residential condominiums for sale to first-time home buyers earning 70-100% AMI. The private investment will be over $27M and support 200 construction, and 40 full time jobs.

Marlborough Economic Development Corp

Main Street Reconstruction Project


This grant to the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation will result in improvements along Main Street in the downtown area and include conversion of an approximately 500 foot segment of Main Street to a raised shared-use plaza, reconstruction of the existing traffic signal at Main Street and Bolton Street, improvements to the existing park at the intersection of Prospect Street and Main Street to serve as the trail head for the newly extended Assabet River Rail Trail, pavement mill and overlay, sidewalk reconstruction, new ADA-compliant wheelchair ramps, decorative pavement treatments, and landscape plantings, lighting enhancements and signage. These improvements will support three fully permitted mixed-use projects totaling tens of millions of dollars in private investment that will result in 180 new housing units, over 5,000 square feet of new street-level retail space, and several hundred construction jobs during the build out.

Town of Medway

Main Street sidewalk improvements


Medway is using a $20,000 Predevelopment Grant, a first-year program, to survey and design a future replacement of a substandard sidewalk along the north side of Main Street (Route 109) from Richard Road to Lee Lane. The future project, which will result in safer pedestrian access to the 39 Main Street affordable housing development, will also complete the sidewalk connection from Medway’s Central Business District, town parks, Medway’s Council on Aging, and the Town of Millis.

Town of Medway

West Street Sidewalk Construction


This is Medway's first MassWorks grant and together with a $250,000 Housing Choice award, it will support the construction of 2,400 feet of sidewalk that will connect a housing development on West Street with Main Street and ultimately Medway Center. The housing development, known as Glen Brook Way, is a six-acre, $31 million project that will provide 92 new unit of housing at full buildout. The development will consist of apartments that range from one to three bedrooms; all units will be available to individuals who earn up to 60 percent of the Area Median Income. Construction of Glen Brook Way is being led by Metro West Collaborative and is supported by Medway’s commitment of $2 million in funding from the Community Preservation Act.
In addition to sidewalks, Medway’s MassWorks grant will support the widening of West Street to accommodate sidewalk construction, relocation of utility poles, guardrail replacement, and curbing. The project will also realign the intersection of West Street and Beech Street. The sidewalk design is based on the engineering, survey, and design work that was funded through a $40,000 Housing Choice Capital grant awarded to Medway last year.

Town of Millbury

Armory Village Revitalization Project - Phase II


This MassWorks grant to the town of Millbury will fund public realm improvements along a key segment of Elm Street in downtown Millbury.  The grant will fund improvements consisting of intersection upgrades, pedestrian plazas, ADA-compliant sidewalks, streetlights, trees, and parking enhancements.  The improvements are expected to leverage over $17 million in private investment, including a 59-unit, multi-family housing development. 

City of New Bedford

West Rodney French Boulevard Improvement


MassWorks grant to the City of New Bedford will support upgrades to utility infrastructure and enhanced pedestrian and bicycle accommodations along a segment of West Rodney French Boulevard.  In addition, the grant will fund the installation of traffic signal equipment at the intersection of West Rodney French Boulevard and Brock Avenue.  The improvements will provide direct support for current and planned residential and commercial properties, including the $40 million planned redevelopment of the adjacent Kilburn Mill #2 for 189 units of mixed-rate housing, and the ongoing redevelopment for commercial uses at Kilburn Mill #1.

Town of New Marlborough

Route 57 Rehabilitation, Phase 2


This project will allow for full-depth reclamation and rebuilding, including culvert repair/replacement and improved drainage of slightly less than two miles of Route 57, a critical east-west transportation corridor through New Marlborough.  Route 57 is classified as a Major Rural Collector roadway.  This project would extend the work completed in June 2021 for a 4.7-mile segment of Route 57 in the towns of New Marlborough and Sandisfield. 

Town of North Reading

Sewer Design/Permitting


This award will fund design of a wastewater collection system allowing new development that can only be permitted if sewer is available. The installation would support an increase in capacity for commercial and housing development. A 2016 Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) identified four need areas for a sewer system in the community: the two primary areas are Route 28 (Main Street) and Concord Street; the two secondary areas are North Street/Lowell Road and Martins Pond, which will be considered in a long-term phasing analysis. 

Town of Peru

East Windsor Road Resurfacing Project


The town of Peru is receiving a $927,000 award to reconstruct three miles of East Windsor Road, a regional conduit between Route 143 and the towns of Peru and Windsor. Improvements will include full-depth reclamation along with replacement of drainage culverts.    
East Windsor Road is the principle north-south route between Windsor and Route 143 via Peru. Poor pavement and drainage conditions make travel hazardous during storm events, especially when temperatures are below freezing. Emergency vehicles are required to reduce speeds for safe travel. Improvements will increase transportation safety as well as emergency responsiveness. 

City of Quincy

Walter Hannon Parkway Intersection Improvements


MassWorks grant to the city of Quincy to support construction of a new north-south roadway and utility corridor in Quincy Center.  The new roadway – to be known as General McConville Way – will unlock the development potential in a key area of the city’s downtown revitalization plan now underway. The roadway project will assist in the creation of six new parcels for development and will result in more than an acre of new green space in the immediate area.  In addition, construction of the new roadway is expected to attract approximately $200 million in private investment, leading to approximately 150,000 square feet of new medical, office, commercial, and retail space; 200 new units of housing; a 120-room hotel; and a 450-space parking facility.  During the buildout, the project is expected to support approximately 400 construction jobs; when complete, the area will experience a net increase of 150 permanent jobs.

City of Revere

Revere Riverfront District


Revere’s MassWorks Predevelopment Grant award will fund the advancement of designs for a proposed roundabout in anticipation of a 2022 MassWorks grant application for construction.  The grant will allow the city to contract with Howard Stein Hudson Engineering firm to conduct traffic, pedestrian, and bicyclist counts, field surveys, environmental assessments, and determine wetland delineation and rights of way between city- and state-owned properties.  The proposed roundabout is a component of the city’s RiverFront District plan, which is following a Master Plan that was developed through a $100,000 award the city received in 2020 from the Seaport Economic Council

Abington-Rockland Joint Water Works

Myers Avenue Drinking Water Treatment Plant


The MassWorks grant will fund construction of a new clearwell storage tank and pumping equipment for the Abington-Rockland Joint Water Works, which will allow for the activation of an additional drinking water well.  The current system operates at full capacity, which has constrained Abington and Rockland’s efforts to build more housing and support business development.  With these upgrades, the Abington-Rockland Joint Water Works will be able to increase its production of water by approximately 160,000 gallons per day, which is enough water to support 12 proposed private developments consisting of workforce and multi-family housing, low-income senior housing, and a range of retail, commercial, and mixed-use developments in both towns.

City of Salem

Congress Street Improvements


To fund traffic calming measures and pedestrian safety enhancements through a series of curb extensions, rehabilitation of sidewalks, and intersection modifications along Peabody, Harbor, and Congress Streets in Salem’s historic Point neighborhood. Located less than one mile from the Salem Commuter Rail Station, the Point neighborhood includes rich architectural assets, a significant supply of affordable housing, immigrant-owned small businesses, easy access to Salem Harbor and public transit, and close proximity to Salem State University. With an additional $110,000 contribution from the City of Salem, the $3.25 million MassWorks grant will support increased connectivity and transportation safety for upcoming developments, The Lighthouses and Harbor Point Apartments.  The Lighthouses will occupy two locations along Peabody Street and Leavitt Street and will result in 46 units of new mixed-income housing, while Harbor Point Apartments will rehabilitate and convert two historic masonry buildings into 34 market-rate and three income-restricted units.  Combined, the multi-family housing developments will generate more than $25 million in private investments and create 83 new housing units, with 49 of those units income restricted. This MassWorks award builds on prior support for The Lighthouses through the Department of Housing and Community Development’s program to support the production of affordable housing through combinations of subsidies and tax credits, and MassDevelopment’s Brownfields Redevelopment Fund

City of Salem

North Street Connector Path


Supports the City’s ongoing Municipal Harbor Planning efforts, which has identified the establishment of pedestrian access as a key priority in building meaningful connections between the waterfront and both the downtown and near-waterfront neighborhoods. These connections will also help support new private development in the area by improving access to transit and downtown Salem job opportunities.

Town of Seekonk

Attleboro Dye Works Area Revitalization Study


Funds will be used to assess wastewater alternatives for the former Attleboro Dye Works (ADW) site. This project will advance the goals and objectives of the town’s Economic Development Plan, which calls for reuse of approximately four acres of the abandoned industrial site. The town will conceptualize and evaluate three alternative wastewater solutions, including municipal sewer, an onsite treatment plant, or a traditional sceptic system. A preferred alternative will be selected for future design and permitting. The ADW site was home to a textile dyeing and finishing facility from 1920 to the 1980s and was later used for various commercial and industrial operations. The town acquired the land via tax taking in 2019 and has secured $750,000 for cleanup of the site through the EPA Brownfield Program and the MassDevelopment Brownfields Redevelopment Fund.

Town of Shelburne

Little Mohawk Road Safety Improvements Project


Shelburne is using its $998,000 MassWorks grant award to complete a full reclamation of Mohawk Road, a local roadway connecting Route 2, the Mohawk Trail, with the town of Colrain. The reclamation will include repaving of the road, removal of overgrown tree limbs, replacement of failing culverts, and installation of guardrails, catch basins, and subdrains.
The rebuilding of Mohawk Road is very important to both the town and the region because Mohawk Road is a much traveled connector that serves as an evacuation route connecting Route 2 to the Town of Colrain and is also very popular with tourists and visitors. The current state of Mohawk Road is characterized by poor pavement condition and drainage, ice buildup in the winter, overgrown vegetation, and failing culverts.  Reclamation of Mohawk Road will restore easy access to the businesses and homes in the area thereby strengthening Shelburne’s economy.

Southfield Redevelopment Authority Union Point Floodplain Mapping $270,000

This project involves the delineation and surveying of nearly 400 acres of wetland resource areas as well as the delineation and surveying of floodplain along the Mill River, the Old Swamp River, and French Stream (both branches) located in Abington, Rockland, and Weymouth within the boundaries of the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station. The Union Point site is greater than 1,400 acres in size and contains of wetland resource areas throughout, particularly along the outer periphery of the site, where vehicular access is very limited. The field work involves delineating approximately 50 miles of wetland lines. This work is a necessary pre-cursor to any future development of the former Naval Air Station. 

City of Springfield

Route 20 Corridor Safety and Mobility Improvement Project


This predevelopment award will be used to create design documents with the goal of improving overall mobility around the project site along Route 20. The design will aim to alleviate congestion, and increase public safety, so that future development can be permitted.  This MassWorks funding will support the development of construction documents that are sufficient for bidding purposes. The design documents will include: land survey, preparation of concept design alternatives, public outreach, environmental permitting, construction cost estimating, presentation at city meetings, Drawings and specifications, and Bid document preparation.

Town of Tolland

Schoolhouse Rd and Clubhouse Rd upgrades


This grant will allow Tolland to reclaim and pave 2.8 miles of the southern end of Schoolhouse Road and one-tenth of a mile on the northern end. The project will reclaim and pave an unpaved section of Clubhouse Road and install a top course of pavement on the section being reclaimed.  Clubhouse Road runs from Route 57 to Schoolhouse Road. It is 2.4 miles long and all but the last one-tenth of a mile at the Schoolhouse Rd intersection is seriously deteriorated and in a major safety concern.

Town of Uxbridge

Route 16/Douglas Street Improvement Project


This grant will support the construction of two roundabouts at the interchange of Route 146 and Route 16/Douglas Street that will unlock a $168M private investment in a 702,000sf industrial project. The proposed infrastructure project will improve traffic operations at the interchange of Route 146 and Route 16/Douglas Street and will support economic development in Uxbridge. The project will include approximately 3,500 LF of roadway improvements and will convert two existing Route 146 ramp intersections from typical four-way unsignalized operations to single-lane roundabouts.

Town of Wakefield

Infrastructure Improvements for Mixed-use/Multi-family


To fund water system upgrades along North Avenue, Quannapowitt Parkway, and Lowell Street adjacent to Lake Quannapowitt.  These improvements will support ongoing housing development that advances the goals and objectives of the Town’s Housing Production Plan. In addition to the MassWorks grant, this project will leverage $150,000 in local funds and will expand water delivery capacity along North Avenue, supporting opportunities for housing or mixed-use development from Route 128 to downtown Wakefield. This area includes the Wakefield MBTA Commuter Rail Station and was identified in the Town’s Housing Production Plan as an opportunity area for transit-oriented growth. Planning for two developments is currently underway and is expected to generate more than 500 units of multi-family housing.

Town of Walpole

Union Street Sidewalk Extension 


Walpole's grant will extend sidewalks along Union Street.  The project will increase pedestrian accessibility along a major commercial corridor and support local commerce and future economic development. Walpole’s project will create an additional 1,200 feet of sidewalk along a portion of Union Street in the densely populated East Walpole neighborhood.  The project also falls within a major commercial corridor that provides a significant source of employment within the town. Additionally, these improvements are located near several stops along the MBTA’s 34E bus route.

Town of Watertown

Arsenal Street Corridor Improvements


This is Watertown’s first MassWorks award and it will fund Phase I of the Arsenal Street Corridor Improvement Project, which spans approximately 2,700 feet of Arsenal Street from Arsenal Court to Lower Greenough Boulevard.  The project involves reconstruction, milling, and repaving of Arsenal Street, the addition of bike lanes, improved drainage, ADA-compliant sidewalks and wheelchair ramps, MBTA bus stops and shelters, new traffic control signals, new lighting, new landscape, and new pavement markings. The roadway improvements to Arsenal Street will support mixed use development at the adjacent Arsenal Yards as well as several other new and proposed developments along the corridor. When complete, Arsenal Yards will have 302 apartments, with 45 units designated as affordable, space for approximately 50 restaurants and retail outlets, 146 hotel rooms, a supermarket, and nearly 500,000 square feet of laboratory space. Other developments that will benefit from this investment include Arsenal on the Charles, a life sciences project with 950,000 square feet of development, and three other nearby lab developments: LINX (185,000 square feet), 99 Coolidge Avenue (255,000 square feet permitted), and 23 Elm Street (69,319 square feet proposed).  A total of 1,857 permanent, full-time jobs and approximately 500 construction jobs will be created from these new developments.

City of Worcester

Brookview Drive Roadway Reconstruction and Fencing


This award will support the reconstruction of Brookview Drive and the installation of approximately 2,000 feet of architectural perimeter fencing that will replace an existing deteriorated guardrail. The Brookview Drive improvements will support the Worcester Housing Authority’s efforts to encourage neighborhood engagement for the tenants in the 372 units at Curtis Apartments by creating a connection within the Curtis/Great Brook Valley neighborhoods.  The project will also lead to the construction of 18 units of new housing at the Curtis Apartments, which will include six fully accessible units, and support the WHA's larger Gateway Cities Housing Initiative and Creative Space Making Projects. 

City of Worcester

Spruce Street Reconstruction 


This award will fund the reconstruction of Spruce Street between Green and Washington streets, as well as utility upgrades, and streetscape improvements.  These improvements will support Boston Capital Development’s redevelopment of a four-acre site at 153 Green Street.  This parcel contains the Table Talk Pie Company and is located directly adjacent to Polar Park, the newly constructed ballpark for the Red Sox’ minor league team.  Boston Capital intends to invest $150 million for a multi-phased project that will include approximately 325 – 350 units of market-rate and affordable residential housing, more than 40,000 square feet of commercial space, and green spaces.  The first phase is a planned 77-unit building with 100 percent of the units designated as affordable for households earning 60 percent or less of the area median income.


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