MassWorks 2023 Awards

The following is a list of cities and towns receiving MassWorks Infrastructure Grant Program awards during the 2023 Round. MWIP is now part of the Community One Stop for Growth.

Grant Recipients

Location Organization Amount Description
Andover Town of Andover $3,300,000 The Town of Andover has selected a developer for the Town Yard located in the Historic Mill District adjacent to Downtown Andover and the MBTA commuter rail stop. To facilitate this mixed-use transit-oriented development, enhanced municipal infrastructure is required. The grant would be used specifically for improvements to Essex Street, including Water and Drainage improvements, intersection improvements and complete Street elements.
Barnstable Town of Barnstable $1,800,000 This project supports the conversion of the roadway network in Downtown Hyannis from one-way to two-way travel, improved pedestrian and bicycle network, and the rehabilitation of a long-neglected downtown parking lot that serves as a primary gateway into downtown. This transformative project is designed for efficient implementation, working almost exclusively within the existing pavement and with the minor modification of key gateway intersections.
Bedford Town of Bedford $3,000,000 The project supports the construction of sewer force main pipes, trenching and repaving. This project will complete the upgrade of an essential component of the sewer system serving the fastest  growing commercial/industrial area in the town. The force main will connect the Middlesex Turnpike pump station to the Page Road Pump Station. 
Belchertown Town of Belchertown $320,000 Grant will be used to buy and install a pressure reducing valve (PRV) in order to continue the mastered planned economic development growth at Carriage Grove. The town has identified the need for a PRV from the new developments at Carriage Grove into the exiting old water system piping. Belchertown Water District owns and maintains an existing PRV vault which services a low-pressure zone to the west of Carriage Road. Once installed the town will abandon the 8" water main for the new 12" water main. 
Beverly City of Beverly  $750,000 The project supports the design of a roundabout at the Dunham Rd/Brimbal Ave/Rt 128 Intersection including the Route 128, Exit 46 southbound ramps. These intersection improvements will unlock approximately 70 acres of commercial/industrial zoned land and increase efficiency, safety, and access to an impacted residential neighborhood, all located along Dunham Road, a ¾ mile dead-end street. 
Blandford Town of Blandford $100,000 Blandford is exploring improvements to the bridge on Beech Hill Road. This critical connection bottlenecks to one lane with a curving, inclined approach. MassDOT inspections and follow-up engineering assessments confirmed that the circa 1930 structure is in good shape but that deteriorated areas should be addressed through a targeted preservation project. This effort hopes to address safety concerns with the crossing which serves small town residents and the Springfield Water & Sewer Commission.
Boston Boston Planning & Development Agency $4,000,000 This grant supports the 135 Dudly Street devleopment, which will include 170 units of housing, 9,500 sf of street level retail space, an affordable parking garage with 136 spaces, and two public plazas with seating, shade trees and a water feature for the public. Grant funds would be used for public portions of the development, including: public plazas and improved sidewalks along Dudley and Washington Street; access road to the garage; utilities installation/repair; and replacement of excavated streets/sidewalks.
Boston Boston Planning & Development Agency $2,800,000 The Olmsted Village project involves several key components, including a sitewide clearing and rough grading of the 10-acre site; sidewalk improvements to widen Deering Rd to provide a bike and pedestrian path; provide site access through W. Main Street with a multi-use access path; installation of a new BlueBike station; design/installation of a new traffic signal at the Harvard St and Deering Rd intersection, and installation of a new water and sewer infrastructure connecting to the existing.
Boston Boston Planning & Development Agency $1,000,000 The 500 Talbot Ave project is a mixed-use residential building that will bring improvements in the public domain to improve the walkability of the adjacent public space for commuters walking from the Redline T stop. The project will also improves the traffic pattern and creates traffic calming measures along a main street with many pedestrians walking from the Ashmont T stop. A new 6,000 square foot public park will be created in the public domain with tress and plantings along the new sidewalk.
Buckland Town of Buckland $1,000,000 Funding will rehabilitate poor roadway and storm drainage infrastructure and improve vehicular safety on Charlemont Rd north of the recently rehabilitated portion. Charlemont Road connects Route 112 and Route 2 and is a primary means of access for residents in Buckland, Ashfield, Hawley and Charlemont. The road provides regional access to schools, recreation areas and many businesses and tourist attractions in the area. It also serves as an alternative for Route 2 traffic if Route 2 is detoured.
Charlemont Town of Charlemont $380,000 South River Road is one of Charlemont's major access points to neighboring towns as well as an access point to Route 112 and 116. South River road is also a major access to Charlemont's largest business, Berkshire East. The road has been part of the town's focus for the last few years and has received a paving upgrade. The last piece of the project is to do work to the bridge on the route. The bridge needs a deck repair and work to the substructure. Awarded funding would complete the bridge work.
Cheshire Town of Cheshire $890,000 This project is a full depth reclamation of Ingalls Road approximately 1.6 miles. Ingalls Road is a detour when Route 8 closed due to traffic incidents,  The project will include raising/lowering 30 structures, ledge removal, curbing, drainage, driveway apron work and tree and canopy removal.  Ingalls Road is also the access road to the Hutchinson Housing Development with 5 local businesses (Whitney's farm Stand,HD Reynolds, Green Acres, Superior Springs and Gigliotti Electric Inc) in the area. 
Colrain Town of Colrain $1,000,000 On December 23, 2022 a significant high water event occurred (North River) that, resulted in a slope failure along the southwestern side of Rt. 112/Jacksonville Rd. in Colrain. Due to the significant damage the Rd. has been ordered to be limited to one lane of traffic with jersey barriers and temporary stop lights installed. The proposed project will provide funding for contracted permitting assistance, project over-sight and construction costs. 
Dalton Town of Dalton $1,000,000 This grant supports the reconstruction of Orchard Road. This project includes some drainage repairs, as well as full-depth reclamation of the road. This area is prone to flooding private property in major events due to the towns stormwater system being undersized.
Dudley Town of Dudley $2,500,000 The project entails construction of 2,730 linear feet of new sewer mains and structures to replace aging sewer lines both within roadways and mains located within private property without easements. Concurrently, 1,800 linear feet of sidewalks and curbs will vastly improve the streetscape and promote pedestrian and handicapped mobility. The project will serve the residents of the Village Street, Mill Street, and Ardlock Place neighborhood and the proposed Stevens Mill Housing Redevelopment.
Easton Town of Easton $280,000 The project is for the design of an additional pump station to be located on Eastman Street near Kevin’s Way for the Five Corners Sewer District which serves Easton’s Furnace Village growth district. The additional pump station will allow Easton to fully utilize the its capacity and to attract additional private development in the district.
Fall River City of Fall River $2,000,000 Fall River will upgrade the drainage infrastructure in Stafford Square, a residential and commercial area located in central Fall River at the lowest elevation in the watershed that is prone to severe flooding due to its aging drainage infrastructure. The city will use the funds to design large-capacity drainage conduits and separate sewers in the Square, which will reduce the frequency and intensity of flooding during wet weather events and benefit the City, its businesses, and its residents.
Fitchburg City of Fitchburg $450,000 The City seeks to improve the infrastructure and streetscape of the Moran Square area to support recent and anticipated housing and economic growth. The project will move initial plans into final design and permitting.  The anticipated outcome is a fully permitted project with a biddable plan and spec package.
Framingham City of Framingham $1,000,000 Framingham will use funds to replace water & sewer infrastructure that runs through a city-owned park to support a proposed 224-unit multifamily housing development.
Great Barrington Town of Great Barrington $1,000,000 As part of a public/private partnership to improve the southerly gateway portion of downtown Main Street, this project will create a pedestrian link from Main Street to Bridge Street to provide safe access to amenities and recreation at Memorial Field and the Housatonic River including the Riverfront Trail. This link will provide access to public parking shared with the private development project at 343 Main Street, a historic downtown property being converted to housing and retail.
Haverhill City of Haverhill $4,000,000 Funding supports infrastructure repairs, upgrades and enhancements to support a $175 million redevelopment in downtown Haverhill that will transform the failed Urban Renewal District and Goecke Municipal Parking Deck into a vibrant public plaza and mixed-use development. This public infrastructure project creates the new public plaza, roadway, sidewalk and streetscape improvements on the surrounding street network.  
Hawley Town of Hawley $1,000,000 The Town of Hawley will rebuild and resurface the western portion of Ashfield Road. The town will also design and permit two intermittent stream crossings.
Littleton Town of Littleton $4,000,000 The Littleton Sewer Project will provide critical sewer infrastructure to support the redevelopment of the 550 King Street parcel. Specifically, this project will create a water resource recovery facility, effluent recharge site and a sewer expansion collection and conveyance system to Littleton Common to link the 550 King Street parcel, and 100+ parcels, to the Town's new wastewater treatment and discharge facility, unlocking the ability to create a thriving mixed-use development.
Lowell City of Lowell $260,000 The Appleton Street/Church Street intersections with Gorham Street and Central Street are a key gateway to the commercial centers in Downtown Lowell with recurring safety concerns. The proposed funding request includes the completion of the engineering design and permitting required to progress the reconstruction of the two signalized intersections and create a complete streets corridor to welcome multi-modal users and unlock area redevelopment.
Lynn City of Lynn $2,400,000 This project will result in improvements to the Broad St at Washington St and Spring St intersection, supporting two, adjacent private developments that will bring a combined 54 units of housing and 15,000 square feet of commercial space to Lynn’s Central Business District. 
Malden City of Malden $4,000,000 The Cities of Malden and Revere are partnering to advance a regional transportation improvement project that will unlock 737 units of mixed-income housing units, 112 key hotel and 14,000 sf of retail as the final phase of development at Overlook Ridge. The two-communities have combined their permitting and approval process to advance this $460M development phase to create 219 affordable units, 1,400 construction jobs and 140 permanent jobs for the region. 
Manchester-By-The-Sea Town of Manchester by the Sea $3,500,000 The project will extend water & sewer by approximately 1 mile to serve the town’s Limited Commercial District (LCD), unlocking a $175MM private investment in a 260,000 sf lab, office and manufacturing project that will support 500 jobs. The project will boost further economic activity within the LCD and will enhance the environment by enabling residential abutters (currently on septic) to tie into municipal sewer.
Millbury Town of Millbury  $450,000 This project requests funding for professional engineering services for design and permitting of a sewer upgrade/extension from the Millbury sewer system on Providence Road to/along Route 146 in Sutton. The goal is to provide bid ready documents and permits to allow construction of an essential utility for an important stretch of developable parcels along the Route 146 corridor in both Millbury and Sutton, including two proposed affordable housing developments.
Monroe Town of Monroe $1,000,000 Kingsley Hill Road is the sole access to the town's public water supply and treatment. The project builds upon improvements performed as part of a MassWorks FY2017 grant. Proposed infrastructure improvements include road reclamation, paving, formal and passive drainage improvements and guard rail for vehicular safety.  Existing infrastructure is all in poor condition and their continued failure may impact access to the water treatment facility and ability to supply potable water to residents.
New Braintree Town of New Braintree $120,000 This award supports improvements to Old Turnpike Road, from Oakham town line to RT. 67. 
North Adams City of North Adams $1,970,000 This award supports Phase 2 of infrastructure improvements in the Blackinton neighborhood. Phase 1, funded in 2020, addressed failed stormwater infrastructure. Phase 2 reclaims a city-owned former tannery site as landscaped greenspace and as a new parking area for the Blackinton Mill and public recreation amenities. This public work is critical to enabling the transformative and catalytic private redevelopment of the Mill as part of the TOURISTS resort.
North Andover Town of North Andover $1,240,000 This award supports intersection and pedestrian infrastructure improvements at the confluence of Osgood St. and Great Pond Rd. to include the realignment of the intersection to remove the existing right-turn slip lanes, replacement of the existing traffic signal and installation of accessible pedestrian signal equipment; construction of new wheelchair ramps and approximately 2,000 feet of sidewalk, drainage and utility modifications, stormwater infiltration, pavement marking and signing, and repaving.
Northfield Town of Northfield $490,000 The town's 60” diameter corrugated metal pipe culvert on Highland Avenue has deteriorated beyond repair. Grant funds will be used for field data collection, engineering design, permitting, bid administration, construction administration, and construction of a new culvert and sidewalk.
Norton Town of Norton $3,500,000 The Town of Norton will use funding to extend sewer along Elm Street from E. Main St to Reservoir St, mainly to connect the former Reed & Barton (R&B) Mill site on 47 Elm St to sewer and to replace aging water lines.
Oak Bluffs Town of Oak Bluffs $500,000 This project will retrofit an existing pump to accommodate flow from a new 40B affordable housing development. This project will bring much needed affordable housing for the workforce, which the Martha’s Vineyard Community desperately needs to grow the local economy.
Quincy City of Quincy  $500,000 This project transforms the Southern Artery Corridor through infrastructure improvements, including median division, realignment of intersections, multi-use path development, green space integration, and upgraded communication equipment. Grant funds will be utilized for construction, installation, and enhancement of these elements, fostering economic development, job creation, and improving transportation and connectivity in the region.
Reading Town of Reading $2,600,000 The Town of Reading will use MassWorks funding for streetscape improvements in the Haven Street, Woburn/High intersection to increase functionality and safety at key intersections and roadways adjacent to the 6-16 Chute Street mixed use redevelopment, within a Smart Growth District. 
Revere City of Revere $4,000,000 This award provides funding for traffic improvements to support the first phase of the transformative 161-acre Suffolk Downs redevelopment project to include 51,000 sf of life science space, 948 new residential units, 71,500 sf of retail, and a 159-key hotel. Four targeted traffic improvements funded by this grant will unlock $632M in private investment to catalyze the regionally significant transit-oriented mixed-use redevelopment project. 
Rowe Town of Rowe $400,000 Reconstruction of the road that leads to the former nuclear power plant, the current site for the spent nuclear fuel rods.  Rowe is responsible for the maintenance for the road leading to the storage facility and currently is limited to a one-land road which is rapidly degrading.  Concern is that there needs to be access for emergency vehicles and 24-hour security access. Funds would repair the road and prevent subsidence with proper drainage and reconstruction of the road.  
Rowley Town of Rowley $1,000,000 This project involves the construction of utility extensions and roadway public safety access improvements for a town-owned right-of-way, located at 239 Main Street. The right-of-way leads to a 2-acre affordable housing-restricted parcel being sold by the town to a developer with the intent of building up to 6 new housing units. Grant funds are being sought to complete the engineering design, permitting, as well as to fund the utility extensions and roadway construction. 
Salem City of Salem $3,400,000 The project improves the South River culvert under the 73 Lafayette Street building, and related drainage infrastructure. A proposed redevelopment demolishes the building over the culvert and constructs a mixed-use building of residential units and a health center. Planning Board approval requires culvert improvements to accommodate the new building and allow redevelopment to proceed, which includes 19 units of age-restricted affordable housing at 73 Lafayette and 29 units at 9 Peabody Street. 
Savoy Town of Savoy $1,000,000 This project supports the replacement of Chapel Road over Chickley River 72" diameter corrugated steel pipe culvert with a precast concrete box culvert, including cast-in-place concrete headwalls and wingwalls at both upstream and downstream sides.
Shelburne Town of Shelburne $1,000,000 This safety improvements project will include reconstruction of Old Greenfield Road including safety, drivability and to improve winter maintenance.  The project includes a full depth reclamation, drainage, subdrain, culverts and guardrail improvements. 
Sherborn Town of Sherborn $500,000 Funding supports the conversion of the dangerous Route 16/Maple/Sanger Streets Intersection to a roundabout. The project also includes about 300 feet of sidewalk, 2 new crosswalks with RRFBs, and 4 ADA compliant ramps and will connect with a new sidewalk on Sanger Street.
Somerville City of Somerville $3,600,000 This award supports the design of a pedestrian access to the new East Somerville MBTA Station to unlock a $3B mixed-use TOD development district spanning both sides of the tracks in the historically underserved Inner Belt & Brickbottom neighborhoods. At full build, the district will yield 6,000 housing units and 10,000 new jobs.
Somerville City of Somerville $2,500,000 The project will result in approximately 20,000 sf of publicly-accessible open space in Winter Hill in a blighted area consisting of an approximately (i) 7,200 sf "Broadway Pocket Plaza", (ii) 7,700 SF "Sewall Pocket Park", and (iii) 4,700 sf "Pedestrian Mews" landscaped passageway. This will leverage private development to yield a total development of approximately $190 million to construct 288 units of rental housing that includes 132 units at 30% - 80% AMI and 14,000 sf of retail space.
Southbridge Town of South Bridge $2,000,000 This award supports the reconstruction of River and Crane Streets. This project will provide 85% full depth reconstruction, new curbing, sidewalks, drainage, water, and sewer upgrades along approximately 1900' of roadway. Reconstructing River and Crane Streets will benefit the town's oldest manufacturer, Dexter Russell, operating out of its 44 River Street location, and its 200 employees, the 87% LMI residents, and 12 Crane's 13 spaces.
Tyngsborough Town of Tyngsborough $2,000,000 The grant supports the construction of public infrastructure including roadway, sidewalk, and public utility improvements along Kendall Rd that will unlock a $63 million private development that is expected to create 120 new jobs.
Warwick Town of Warwick $1,000,000 This grant supports the reconstruction of Winchester Rd (SR 78), including milling the existing road surface 2 inches and repaving 2 inches.
Wellfleet Town of Wellfleet $3,000,000 This project includes the construction & construction oversight of a state-of-the-art decentralized wastewater treatment facility that will provide the required infrastructure to support a critical affordable housing project and is designed to result in a net water quality benefit by upgrading adjacent septic systems. The WWTF serves an affordable housing project and three adjacent existing municipal facilities, including the town's elementary school, police station, and fire station.
West Newbury Town of West Newbury $1,000,000 This award supports the replacement of the Middle Street Bridge, connecting West Newbury to Newburyport, across the Artichoke Reservoir. The bridge was closed in July 2018 due to substantial deterioration.
Worcester City of Worcester $1,000,000  This award supports the Greendale Revitalization Initiative through the remediation and demolition of  existing, vacant industrial buildings and infrastructure to allow for the conversion of an existing private way into a public road, which will create the necessary frontage for multiple pad-ready sites that could bring approximately 1M sf of new, modern manufacturing space. 
Yarmouth Town of Yarmouth $3,500,000 This award supports Phase One of the town's wastewater collection system for the commercial Route 28 and Shore Drive area. This is part of an 8-phase town-wide Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan. The grant would fund 25% of contracts 2 and 3 in Phase 1; a $38M construction project providing a wastewater collection system for 441 parcels along Route 28 between Parkers River and Bass River, and Shore Drive.  The project will facilitate over $100,000,000 in new growth.

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