MAurbantap Driver Training

The MA Urban Transit Assistance Program (MAurbantap) provides training and resources to urban transportation providers in Massachusetts who are current or former recipients of the Community Transit Grant Program.

Refer to the MAurbantap training session schedule for a full list of upcoming sessions.

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Learn about driver training

The MAurbantap training curriculum is the same as that offered through MArtap. Trainings are provided free of charge throughout the year, and the program is designed to help urban transit providers meet federal and state certification requirements.

MAurbantap Driver Training - Class guidelines

Each in-person driver training and online webinar class must have a minimum number of attendees or the class may be canceled. Registrants for the online webinars must provide the email address that is the best form of direct contact; please do one of the following:

  • If the registrant will be attending the webinar(s) via their own device, please provide their direct email address so that the webinar and subsequent examination links can be correctly sent to the registrant.
  • If the registrant, or multiple registrants, will be attending the webinar(s) via an agency device, please provide one (1) agency email address that will host the webinar and please ensure that the registrant(s) have access to a computer to take the examination within the five calendar days following the webinar.

Register for a scheduled training session

Complete a Driver Training Registration Form to sign up for a scheduled training session.

If the training is within 5 days and you have not received a response from MAurbantap, please call us.

Request to host a Driver Training session

To request hosting a training session, please complete a Request to Host a MAurbantap Driver Training Session.



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