Natural Resource Damages Program Restoration Funds

Natural Resource Damage settlements fund restoration projects. Trustees use a planning process or grant requests to identify projects.

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Restoration Planning

NRD claims can be settled under both federal and State laws.
Federal law requires that Trustees prepare restoration plans.

Trustees hold public meetings to explain the settlement. A planning process allows the public to submit project ideas or proposals. In that process, Trustees describe how they will select project ideas or proposals.

Trustees then prepare and release a restoration plan for public review and comment. After considering these comments, Trustees release a final restoration plan. Cities, towns, watershed groups, and others complete the approved restoration projects. As restoration plans are available for public review, they will appear below.

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Restoration Grants

MassDEP awards grants to public and non-public entities to fund restoration projects. This funding does not follow a set schedule. Grant opportunities are announced as settlement funds become available.

The NRD Program holds public meetings before releasing grant announcements. At this meeting, the NRD Program will explain the settlement. We will also discuss the type of projects that can receive funding and how we will select projects. A grant application allows the public to submit project proposals.

MassDEP will award funds through a grant contract. The NRD Program may need to prepare and release a restoration plan for public review and comment. If so, a grant contract will be awarded following approval of a final restoration plan.

Grant announcements and applications, when available, will be posted on COMMBUYS and below.

Massachusetts NRD Trust

Trustees deposit NRD settlement monies into specific funds. The U.S. Department of the Interior manages the DOI Restoration Fund. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration administers the Damages Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Fund (DARRF). MassDEP manages the Natural Resource Damages Trust Fund.

State or federal Trustees may take the lead on contracts or agreements with agencies, municipalities, non-profits or others. Trustees can transfer monies between their specific funds to pay for restoration.

The Massachusetts NRD Trust was established in 1998 and amended in 2004 and 2011 by the legislature.  It is used to fund the work to develop NRD claims and restoration projects from settlements.

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