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NDWG - National Dislocated Workers Grants

National Dislocated Workers Grants (NDWGs) are discretionary grants awarded by the Secretary of Labor, under Section 170 of WIOA.

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National Dislocated Workers Grants (NDWGs) are discretionary grants awarded by the Secretary of Labor, under Section 170 of WIOA. NDWGs provide resources to states and other eligible applicants to respond to large, unexpected layoff events causing significant job losses. This funding is intended to temporarily expand capacity to serve dislocated workers, including military service members, and meet the increased demand for WIOA employment and training services, with a purpose to reemploy laid off workers and enhance their employability and earnings. Disaster NDWGs provide funding to create temporary employment opportunities to assist with clean-up and recovery efforts, when an area impacted by disaster is declared eligible for public assistance by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or otherwise recognized by a Federal agency with authority or jurisdiction over Federal response to the emergency or disaster.

Who is eligible - Depending on the type of NDWG being sought, eligible applicants may include:

  1. A designated state or outlying area WIOA program agency;
  2. Local Workforce Development Board;
  3. Entities eligible to receive funding under 166(c) of WIOA (the Indian and Native American Program provision);
  4. Entities determined to be appropriate by the Governor of the State or outlying area involved; and
  5. Entities that demonstrate to the Secretary of Labor the capability to effectively respond to circumstances relating to particular dislocations

In cases where the state is not the applicant, the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) expects that applicants will work collaboratively with their respective state workforce development agency to ensure that Rapid Response efforts are coordinated, and to assist in subsequent performance and fiscal reporting requirements where the state is responsible for data collection and report submission.

Eligible Participants - Generally, participants must qualify as a Dislocated Worker as defined under WIOA Section 3(15). Certain NDWGs, such as Disaster grants, have additional eligibility criteria.

Other information – Massachusetts operates a statewide vouchering component; therefore employees from NDWG subject companies who reside in areas of the state apart from the location of the NDWG Operator may receive NDWG services from any One-Stop Career Center in Massachusetts.

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