OIG Internship and Co-op Programs

At the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), we offer paid and unpaid internship and co-op opportunities throughout the year. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, or you are interested in entering a career in the public sector, we invite you to apply.

We strive to give our interns and co-ops a wide range of meaningful projects that enable them to learn about the work of government, both within our office and beyond. We encourage candidates of all areas of interest and backgrounds to apply.

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Interns at the Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General

Examples of our Internships and Co-ops

Each internship or co-op in our office is unique. We often can tailor an internship or co-op to fit your interests and support your career goals. If your area of interest is not listed here, please let us know in your cover letter.


  • Assist with financial statement reviews and assessment of internal controls
  • Assist in performance audits and provide recommendations for improvement

Data analytics

  • Help with data mining and analysis to identify fraud, waste and abuse
  • Identify data relevant to studies and programmatic reviews
  • Use data visualization to explore data and communicate results


  • Help look into fraud, waste and abuse in the expenditure of public funds or the use of public resources
  • Review case files
  • Help conduct background research and draft recommendations

Legal (For Law Students and Recent Graduates)

  • Research and draft memoranda on civil or criminal matters
  • Provide legal support to investigations and reviews
  • Observe court hearings and other legal proceedings

We also participate in the Government/Public Interest Program hosted by the Massachusetts Law School Consortium. Find more information on the Consortium’s website.

Marketing and Communications

  • Conduct market research
  • Help develop marketing strategies
  • Create promotional and educational materials for our public education programs

Public Policy

  • Review legislation and assist with legislative proposals
  • Contribute to investigations, reports and performance reviews of state agencies
  • Identify recommendations for improving processes

What our Interns and Co-ops Say about Working with Us

Co-op working on a project at the Office of the Inspector General

"Everyone in the office is friendly and willing to answer any questions, or to add co-ops to projects they’re interested in."

- Lizzie


Intern at the Office of the Inspector General

"As a young college student interested in law and government, my six-month co-op at the OIG equipped me with the real-life skills to succeed in this industry."

– Drew

"I have garnered strong investigative and interpersonal skills that will bolster my career in myriad ways. This co-op experience has been truly rewarding!"

- Alexander


"The one takeaway from any other internship would be whether or not you liked that work, but with my supervisors’ approach (which is the OIG approach), there is an endless possibility of takeaways and newfound interests."

- Olivia


"I go home every day knowing I made a positive impact for the people of Massachusetts."

- Michael

What is an Internship or Co-op at the OIG Like?

An OIG intern or co-op’s day is never the same. One day you may be reviewing an individual’s bank records for possible fraud, and another you may be assisting with policy review and legislative recommendations. Our interns and co-ops work side by side with our investigators, attorneys and analysts. You will have the opportunity to work on the following types of tasks:

  • Performing open-source background research on various individuals and entities
  • Scheduling, reviewing and analyzing financial records
  • Reviewing public agencies' policies and procedures and making corrective recommendations
  • Drafting case status memos and reports
  • Responding to hotline complaints
  • Conducting legislative research
  • Attending public hearings and legislative sessions
  • Providing coverage of the reception desk

Your specific tasks will be related to the type of internship or co-op you apply for. However, once you are on the job, there are frequent opportunities to work across multiple divisions to expand your knowledge.

Our internships last for varying lengths of time depending on office demands and individuals’ availabilities. Internship positions may be full- or part-time, and they may be paid or unpaid.

We offer co-op opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students at universities across the nation. Typically, the co-op positions last six months, and the students report to our office full time during that period instead of taking classes. Co-ops work across all divisions within our office and may be paid or unpaid.

In addition to internships and co-ops, we also offer fellowships designed for individuals committed to public service who want to gain experience with our office. Learn about these opportunities on our fellowships page.

Ready to Apply?

Visit our how-to-apply page for everything you need to know about applying for an internship or co-op at the OIG.

Contact for OIG Internship and Co-op Programs


Office of the Inspector General
One Ashburton Place, Room 1311, Boston, MA 02474
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