OSHA Consultation summary

Consultations are available for you to ensure safety in the workplace.

Learn more about on-site consultations

For Private Sector Businesses;


For Public Sector Employers:

Learn more about on-site consultations

We offer free OSHA Consultation services to help your business recognize and control potential safety and health hazards. The goal is to prevent injuries and illnesses that may come about due to hazardous workplace conditions and practices.

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It is free to employers

This consultation service is available at no cost to employers. It seeks to establish effective occupational safety and health programs. The OSHA Consultation Program consists of trained safety and health professionals. If you fail to control identified hazards, it may result in a referral from consultation to an OSHA enforcement office. But, OSHA referrals from consultation are very rare.

Confidential service

The OSHA Consultation Program is a confidential service. We don't disclose the name of your business or any hazards that might be identified to the OSHA inspection staff. Consultants will provide help at the employer's worksite. Offsite help may also be available.

What to expect during a consultation

The OSHA consultants will:

  • Walk through and survey of your plant to help you recognize hazards in your workplace. 
  • Suggest control measures and options for solving a safety or health problem.
  • Assist you in writing and implementing OSHA-required written programs.
  • Help you establish or strengthen a safety and health program.
  • Provide a detailed written report summarizing all findings.
  • Provide training and education for you and your employees.
  • Perform air testing, noise testing, and ventilation measurements.
  • Discuss applicable OSHA standards and procedures to install them.

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