Racial Equity and School Health

Racial Equity and School Health

School Health and Racial Equity

Racism and other systems of oppression negatively impact all students’ ability to learn and be healthy. School nurses are uniquely situated to address and reduce health disparities and racial inequities in schools, and work to increase access, equity, and opportunity for all students.


Racial Equity Tools for Educators


Racism and Its Harmful Effects on Nondominant Racial Ethnic Youth and Youth-Serving Providers: A Call to Action for Organizational Change (PDF)

Healthy and Ready to Learn: School Nurses Improve Equity and Access

Role of the 21st Century School Nurse (NASN)

Shifting the Nursing Paradigm from Disparities to Equity

Racial Equity Assessments for Schools

Racial Equity Analysis Tool, Seattle Public Schools (PDF)

Racial Equity Toolkit from Seattle (Scroll down to The Racial Equity Toolkit)

Tool for Organizational Self-Assessment Related to Racial Equity, Coalition of Communities of Color

Racial Justice Assessment Tool from the Western States Center

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