Rehabilitation technology

Rehabilitation technology (RT) is the use of technology to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Rehabilitation technology (RT) cuts barriers and gives more opportunities to people with disabilities in education, rehabilitation, employment, transportation, living at home, and recreation. Assistive technology (AT) includes devices, aides, and enhancements used in rehabilitation technology. People with severe mobility, learning, emotional, visual, hearing, neurological, neuromuscular, and other disabilities may benefit from rehabilitation technology to increase function by decreasing barriers in the home and workplace.

How are services provided?

If you have a disability you can apply for Vocational Rehabilitation services at your local area office. You will then meet with part of the Rehabilitation Technology Unit. The unit uses meetings and evaluations with you, your VR counselor, employers, agencies, and other service providers to make suggestions and plan the next steps. 

What services are provided?

MRC's RT specialists provide advice about the availability, quality, and use of technologies. Services can include:

  • Vehicle modification and inspection
  • Communication devices
  • Environmental control devices
  • Assistive computer software
  • Technical assistance to employers and service providers
  • Training and followup on the use of any equipment provided
  • Adaptive housing
  • Mobility devices
  • Computer hardware adaptations
  • Worksite modifications

Financial need

RT services provided as part of an evaluation or assessment are not subject to financial need. RT services provided as a rehabilitation service under an employment plan are subject to financial need.

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