Social Drivers of Cardiometabolic Health

Advancing Health Equity by taking on the Commonwealth's number one killer.

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The Social Drivers of Cardiometabolic Health working group, one of two primary arms of the Advancing Health Equity in Massachusetts initiative, aims to get at the root causes of disparate health outcomes and premature deaths.

There are quite a few economic, social, and environmental factors that lead to and worsen these diseases. Many of them - like food insecurity, unclean air, lack of housing, and unequal access to care - disproportionately impact communities of color and other vulnerable populations.

The Social Drivers of Cardiometabolic Health team plans to tackle cardiometabolic disease by going upstream and addressing the root of these disparities. The team will look at food security measures, housing interventions, access to care efforts, and more to protect Massachusetts communities impacted by these issues from the sometimes-deadly effects of structural racism.

Racism impacts social capital, education, transportation, employment, food access, health behaviors, socioeconomic status, environmental exposure, access to health services, housing, and public safety. All of these impact health outcomes.

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